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ePathChina Introduces
Multifunctional Hand-operated Flashlights

These hand-operated rechargeable flashlights charge through rotating the external handle gently

ePathChina Limited Press Release - 11/02/2009

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Rechargeable Flashlights from ePathChina

Rechargeable Flashlights from ePathChina

SHENZHEN, China - I believe that everybody has experienced it - that you would hurry to look for candles and lighters when the electric supply failed. What was worse, your car was broken on the road at night and there was no brightness!

Now the new hand-operated rechargeable flashlights from ePathChina will solve all these problems. They are appropriately named as its appearance.

Different from either ordinary flashlight charged by batteries or the emergency lamps that need stabilized voltage supply, these hand-operated rechargeable flashlights would be in charge through rotating the external handle gently. The emergency cell phone chargers is one category of cell phone accessories:

1.Yellow LED Flashlight

This flashlight has three LED lamps which is very bright. It is very useful for emergency using outside. In addition to that, when your cell phones are run out of electric, the flashlight also can be used as a mobile phone charger to charge different mobile phones.

2.White LED Flashlight

Except for different color, this flashlight has more powerful functions than the above one. It has also three LEDs and can double as a emergency cell phone charger. During emergencies when mountaineering tourism or outdoor camping, it will be your best tool for help due to its flashing red light and blind/siren function.

Even simple as a flashlight, you will never feel bored. You can use it to listen radio. Yes, you guess it! The FM radio built-in speaker helps you pass the boring night in the forest.

3.Cute Pig Shape Flashlight

This cute pig flashlight has only two LED lamps. It is also operated by hand and once rotate it for 1 minute, it will work for about five minutes. Though it has no blind/siren function and flashing light, its cute appearance still makes it popular among young ladies.

Since they require no batteries, these electronic flashlights have been widely used for people who like traveling or going outside. Streamline design and practical feature enable them the necessary goods for the tourists.

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ePathChina ( is a professional supplier of electronics to worldwide, owned by EPATHCHINA LIMITED. ePathChina Limited is a China based company, Register in Hong Kong (No.1180292) and China Mainland (NO.68375859-X), our business office locate at Room 14D, Building A, DuHui100, ZhongHang Road, HuaQiang North, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. All our electronic products are made in Shenzhen, a global sourcing center of electronic products, where a mass of professional electronics manufacturers locate.

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