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Winter Storms, Power Outages, and a Flashlight
That Will Never Leave You in the Dark

NightStar flashlights will light the way when all other lights have gone out

Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. Press Release - 11/03/2009

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NightStar CS2

NightStar CS2

FORT LUPTON, Co. - Since 1997, NightStar® flashlights have never failed to pierce the darkest night under the harshest conditions. NightStar flashlights have helped people find their way to safety, signal for help, and prepare simple meals in dire situations.

"I wanted to make a flashlight that you could always count on," says its inventor, Steve Vetorino. NightStar flashlights are now used by U.S. Coast Guard personnel, Special Ops forces, combat soldiers, Air Force medics, and National Guard units as well as emergency aid workers in all 50 states and across five continents. They've been used on scientific expeditions to Syria and Antarctica and relied upon in recent natural disasters where electrical services to homes and businesses were disrupted.

Made by Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. (AIT) of Fort Lupton, Colo., NightStar (the original shake flashlight) has no parts to burn out, break, or replace. Instead of batteries and bulbs it uses state-of-the-art magnets, capacitors and LEDs. NightStar flashlights are quickly recharged with just a few shakes and will provide 20 minutes of light on a single charge. NightStar flashlights are capable of illuminating objects more than 50 feet away and are waterproof, corrosion proof, shock proof, and nearly indestructible.

"Our latest NightStar flashlight, NightStar CS2 is the perfect flashlight for any emergency kit. It combines unparalleled performance with size and affordability", says company co-founder and President Todd Brown. "One of the most incredible testimonials we've received is from a woman whose husband had just undergone major heart surgery. Shortly after coming home from the hospital, they were hit by hurricane Ike, which left them and their neighbors without power for nearly a week. Unlike their battery flashlight, which failed when they needed it, NightStar CS2 always worked and helped get them through a difficult time."

Besides reliable performance, NightStar flashlights have another significant advantage over conventional flashlights; because they never need batteries, they're logistically and economically practical. "Batteries are costly, tend to corrode in humid and salty environments, and are impossible to replace or recharge in devastated areas," explains Vetorino. "NightStar flashlights never need servicing and will quickly pay for themselves by not having to buy batteries or bulbs. But more to the point, no value can be placed on a flashlight that works anytime, anywhere." Be prepared this winter and for all others to follow; own NightStar and you'll never be without light again.

About AIT:

Founded in 1997, AIT was the first company to develop the magnetic force shake flashlight. Considered the most reliable flashlight ever built, NightStar flashlights are now sold around the world. AIT is currently developing other cutting edge light products.

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