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Sun Company Adds More
LifeLight and WildLight Carabiner Flashlights

The original white LED flashlight has been so much fun that additional animals have been added!

Sun Company Press Release - 11/05/2009

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LifeLight™ - Frog White LED Light Carabiner

LifeLight™ - Frog White LED Light Carabiner

ARVADA, Co. - Introducing new models of LifeLight™ - "the light with the bite." The original white LED flashlight has been so much fun that additional animals have been added! LifeLight™ is now available in Lizard, Toucan, Frog, Dolphin, Orca, Shark and new Allosaurus Dinosaur! The Lizard, Toucan and Frog are available in more than one bright, tropical color. The soft, rubberized texture adds to the realism of these clever conversation-starters.

There's a handy carabiner clip built into the tail of the LifeLight™ so they clip onto packs, bags, water bottles - anywhere. Guaranteed to bring a smile and attract attention! Just push the button on the back of the LifeLight. The mouth opens wide with a satisfying click-click and a bright white beam shoots out, lighting up the night.

Also, don't forget about Sun's WildLight™ LED Flashlight Carabiners! These critters are available in panda, polar bear, honey bear, walrus, zebra, frog, crocodile, penguin, gorilla, T-Rex, Spinosaurus and Triceratops! Similar to the LifeLight™, the WildLight™ also has a bright LED and rubberized finish, but the WildLight™ has a true aluminum carabiner attachment!

With the LifeLight™ and WildLight™, batteries are included and are replaceable. LED is guaranteed for 15 years. Handy countertop "fishbowl" displays are also available. CE approved.

About Sun Company

Manufacturer/importer located in Colorado offering high quality compact outdoor, fitness & safety products: compasses, LEDs, thermometers, pedometers, inclinometers, belt packs, and more. Almost 100 products which can be custom-imprinted with your logo.

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