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8-Color AA-size "eneloop" Rechargeable Battery Pack

Celebrating total global shipments of "eneloop" reaching 100 million cells

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Press Release - 11/10/2009

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8-color AA-size 'eneloop' batteries

8-color AA-size "eneloop" batteries

TOKYO, Japan - SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that as of the end of October 2009 its total global shipments of the "eneloop" rechargeable battery promoting a "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling" reached 100 million cells*1, approximately four years after its first release in November 2005. In commemoration of this a variety of products are being released with the improved AA-size "eneloop" that is rechargeable "Approximately 1,500 Times*2" which is No. 1 in the industry*3. On November 14, 2009 in Japan, two sets of products will be released that both include a simple battery checker designed in the form of the "eneloop" mascot "eneloopy." One set will come with the "eneloopy" battery checker and AA-size "eneloop" batteries and the other set will include the "eneloopy" battery checker, AA-size "eneloop" batteries, and a quick charger. SANYO will follow this by releasing an 8-color AA-size "eneloop" pack called "eneloop tones" on December 1, 2009 in Japan.

SANYO will continue to expand the "eneloop" series throughout the world so that people can comfortably adopt a new "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling" contrary to the popular "use and throw away" lifestyle often associated with common products like batteries.

To "Brighten" a lifestyle that values reusing and recycling, SANYO will offer 100,000 packs of batteries coming in 8 rich colors: 'purple', 'pink', 'orange', 'yellow', 'light green', 'green', 'light blue', and 'blue', which have been created in the motif of a paper-wrapped crayon set.

This 8-color "eneloop" pack has been made to be fun and convenient for users. For example, a user may pick colors according to their taste or use colors to remember which ones are charged and which ones need to be recharged.

For packaging, a new stylish case with a slide-cover has been adopted. Just as are the cases of all other "eneloop" battery products, recycled PET is the only material used and the case can be used as a battery storage case.

A set includes the new improved AA-size "eneloop" which is "rechargeable approximately 1,500 times*2." Incorporating new technologies for "material," "manufacturing method," and "structure" developed through the knowledge gained since the first release of "eneloop" in November 2005, the number of times a battery can be recharged has been increased by 1.5 times to "approximately 1,500 times*2" compared to the conventional models*6 , which makes the total number of times it is able to be recharged the industry No. 1*3. With the ability to recharge the battery more times, the new "eneloop" is both more economically competitive, reducing the cost of usage per charge from the conventional model's approximately 4 yen to 2.5 yen*7 and enhanced in environmental awareness as it means the amount of overall battery waste will be reduced.

In accordance with the Green Power Certification System, the new "eneloop" batteries are charged by "green power" from photovoltaic generation. This means that a part of the electric power used for manufacturing "eneloop" (the amount equivalent to that used for factory pre-charging) is generated using clean, renewable solar energy, part of SANYO's initiative to realize a "Clean Energy Loop," where power is generated from renewable energy sources, stored for use when needed in batteries, and conserved or used efficiently for power-driven applications. Hence, the new "eneloop" truly embodies the concepts of "energy" and "looping," from production to performance.

"eneloop" originated from the concept of "looping energy." Since the first release of "AA-size eneloop " in November 2005 as a product embodying the brand vision "Think GAIA," SANYO has been promoting a new "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling" contrary to the popular "use and throw away" lifestyle by launching a steady stream of reusable products in this series to the market.

The "eneloop" battery has received high market appraisal for its unique, user-friendly combination of having the advantages of both dry cell and rechargeable batteries. The batteries come pre-charged like a dry cell, and are economical and environmental as they are able to be recharged for repeated use as well as fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. According to a company survey, the satisfaction level of "eneloop" users is over 90%*10, and numerous companies now bundle "eneloop" batteries with their products. In total, over 100 million "eneloop" battery cells have been shipped to more than 60 countries worldwide (as of October 31, 2009).

In commemoration of the total shipments of "eneloop" reaching 100 million cells, for the Japanese market SANYO will release three types of product sets with each including the new improved "eneloop," rechargeable "Approximately 1,500 Times*2" which is No. 1 in the industry*3. An 8-color AA-size "eneloop" pack called "eneloop tones" will be released on December 1, 2009 and two product sets will be released on November 14, 2009 in Japan: AA-size "eneloop" with the simple "eneloopy" battery checker; and AA-size "eneloop" with a quick charger and "eneloopy."

*1 As of October 31, 2009.
*2 General estimate based on the JIS C8708 2007 ( testing conditions. (The number of times a battery can be recharged changes according to the use conditions and equipment used.)
*3 As of November 5, 2009, for commercially available nickel-metal hydride batteries
*4 No manufacturer's suggested retail price is set for a product with an open price.
*5 The products will be available in Japan only (as of the Release Date)
*6 SANYO's size AA eneloop battery (HR-3UTG) and size AAA eneloop battery (HR-4UTG)
*7 Assuming that electricity expense per charge is 0.2 yen, the conventional "eneloop" model (HR-3UTG) and the new "eneloop" model (HR-3UTGA) are compared, in terms of cost of usage per charge. [(Price of Rechargeable Battery + Price of Charger + Electricity Expense) / 1,500 Cycles (For the new eneloop model. 1,000 cycles for the conventional eneloop model)] The charger to be used is SANYO's NC-TGN01.
*8 Through the Green Power Certification System, the amount of energy equivalent to that used for factory pre-charging is covered by "Green Power" generated from solar energy.
*9 LED colors only indicate approximate battery level status. Actual battery level and the color of LED may not match due to the battery condition, storage condition, etc.
*10 Based on SANYO's Internet survey conducted in April 2009, covering 300 eneloop purchasers
*11 Minimum (min.) battery capacity based on the JIS C8708 2007(7.2.1) testing conditions

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