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3200 Lumen Camouflage HID Lights

Larson Electronics adds a camouflage 3200 lumen HID light to its Magnalight line of hunting lights

Larson Electronics Press Release - 11/11/2009

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Camouflage HID 3200 Lumen Light

Camouflage HID 3200 Lumen Light

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics' announced the addition of a 35 watt HID light that operates on 12 and 24 volts DC. The light offers a Next Vista camouflage exterior and 3200 lumens of light output, easily producing a 2800 foot, bright, white beam. A simple stud mount with adjustable angle bracket enables the operator to set the position of the beam on the hunting vehicle.

This HID hunting light draws less than 1/3 of the amps of a typical 100 watt halogen, but produces 5 times more light. This makes the HID-5500-C HID camouflage light applicable not only to trucks but also the 4 wheelers and other light duty off road vehicles that lack alternators.

"We are taking a popular, durable HID light from our utility line and offering with a popular camouflage coating for the hunters," said Rob Bresnahan with "The lightweight, rugged nylon housing is just under 6 inches in diameter, and produces a nice, tight beam that illuminates targets to 3000 feet with bright, white light. This HID hunting light offers a lower price point, but similar durability to its cousins with a cast aluminum housing, like the HID-65 series. The combination of power, low amp draw and lightweight durability is applicable for smaller off road vehicles and full blown hunting trucks alike," Rob concluded.

Larson Electronics' offers a wide range of permanent mount and handheld hunting lights. Ranging from the popular HL-85-HID handheld spotlight with cigarette plug to the GL-3085H-M camouflage remote control spotlight, continues to develop and manage an extensive line of powerful, durable spotlights for the hunting market.

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