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Battery Pack Rebuilders Recycles
7.5 Tons of Rechargeable Batteries

The amount of batteries collected is equivalent to the weight of about three mini-vans

Call2Recycle Press Release - 11/16/2009

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ATLANTA, Ga. - Call2Recycle®, the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America, today announced that Battery Pack Rebuilders LLC has recycled more than 7.5 tons (15,000 pounds) of rechargeable batteries since joining the Call2Recycle program in 2005. The amount of batteries collected is equivalent to the weight of about three mini-vans.

"There is a deep satisfaction that comes with knowing our organization has kept 7.5 tons of batteries out of Washington State's landfills, just by taking responsibility for our actions," said Celaine Hadley, Owner of Battery Pack Rebuilders. "Call2Recycle makes protecting the environment a hassle-free process, and we hope to set an example in our community and our state to encourage other businesses to avoid unnecessary waste. We could not offer our services without the Call2Recycle program."

"It's exciting to watch businesses like Battery Pack Rebuilders see tangible results of their diligent recycling efforts," said Linda Gabor, VP of Marketing and Account Management of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle. "Businesses that have made a commitment to environmental sustainability should be commended for developing green business practices that make our communities a safer, more enjoyable place to live and work."

Battery Pack Rebuilders sends less than 10 pounds of waste to landfills each week, due to their policy to reuse and recycle used materials.

Call2Recycle provides a convenient way to collect used rechargeable batteries found in cordless electronic products, such as laptop computers, cell phones, digital cameras, cordless power tools, PDAs, mp3 players and two-way radios. For more information and local Call2Recycle collection sites, call toll-free 877.2.RECYCLE or visit

About Call2Recycle

Call2Recycle® is the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. Since 1994, Call2Recycle has diverted more than 50 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from local landfills and established a network of 30,000 recycling drop-off locations. Advancing green business practices and environmental sustainability, Call2Recycle is the most active voice promoting eco-safe reclamation and recycling of rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Call2Recycle is operated by the non-profit Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). Learn more at or 877.2.RECYCLE.

About Battery Pack Rebuilders

Battery Pack Rebuilders, LLC ( was launched in 2005 to supply homeowners and industry, including Fire and Ambulance services, with an option for keeping cordless tools and equipment up and running without the expense of purchasing an OME battery, but with the peace of mind that old batteries would be recycled. Battery Pack Rebuilders rebuilds new and outdated NiCD and NIMH cordless tool batteries at a reasonable cost. Battery Pack Rebuilders is a woman-owned company that believes in reusing, repairing, reselling and most importantly, recycling. It is located at 5271 Mission Creek Rd., Cashmere, Wa 98815.

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