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Magnalight Adds Battery Powered
Portable LED Lighting for Work Area Illumination

Portable LED light is designed as a lightweight LED lighting solution that illuminates a 40 foot radius

Larson Electronics Press Release - 11/18/2009

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Portable LED Light

Portable LED Light w/ Adjustable Tilting Head and Rechargeable Integral Battery

DALLAS, Tx - Larson Electronics' added a new LED light for portable work area illumination. Positioned for utility operators and other first responders, the WALP-2960 portable LED light is designed as a lightweight LED lighting solution that illuminates a 40 foot radius around the light. With an integral seal lead acid battery, the operator can pull the LED light out of the truck and place it next to the work area. The push button on the carrying handle enables the operator to elevate the LED light head from a collapsed carrying position to higher positions to illuminate the surrounding area.

The LED light head itself consists of two panels, each pointing in opposite directions. The operator can choose between using one LED panel or both LED panels, depending on run time requirements and required illumination. With 6 hours of run time with two panels and 12 hours of run time with a single panel, the 2960 lumen output light is designed to run all night. The panels tilt, enabling the operator to position the beam downward into manholes or other below surface areas. The stable design offers a low center of gravity, which makes it safe and effective in high winds and bad weather. The portable LED light can be powered via a vehicle battery via a coil cord and cigarette plug or run directly off of AC voltage, ranging from 120 volts to 240 volts. The integral 12 volt 7 amp hour battery is replaceable and rechargeable.

"The WALP-2960 is another approach to portable LED work lighting," said Rob Bresnahan, with Larson Electronics' "The size, shape and function of this LED light is very similar to 'roller board' luggage. The collapsible handle extends with a push of a button. However, in this case, the LED light head elevates to a height of 4 feet, with the handle offering more elevation and illumination. The WALP-2960 offers long run time, lightweight form factor and 2300 Lux at 2 feet from the LED light fixture. The wide, rubber base offer weather protection and stability. Once collapsed, the LED light can be tossed in the truck and carried to the next location.

At 15 pounds, it is much lighter than our WAL-16LED-BP portable LED light tower, which weighs 55 pounds, but offers a wheeled base for portability and 8 foot elevation for the lighting. The WAL-16LED-BP light tower offers wider area coverage to 200 feet, longer potential run times and more control over the lighting output. However, the new WALP-2960 is easy to move, covers a 40 foot radius around the light and runs up to 12 hours with a lower price point. Once collapsed to 2 feet, it is compact and secure, which makes it easy to store on the work vehicle. Basically, different LED lighting solutions for different requirements," Rob concluded.

Larson Electronics' offers a wide range of portable lighting for the utility, construction and military marketplace. Ranging from the established Magnalight HML 12 and 24 volt handheld lights with magnetic bases to portable metal halide light towers and now portable LED lighting, Larson Electronics' is a one stop shop for lighting needs for commercial, industrial and military applications around the world. You can learn more by visiting or call 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).

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