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Bike MP3 Player & LED Flashlight 2 in 1

Not just an mp3 player, it's a professional sound light system for your beloved bicycle Press Release - 12/8/2009

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Bike MP3 Player & LED Flashlight

Bike MP3 Player & LED Flashlight with USB Charger

SHENZHEN, China - Not just an mp3 player, it's a professional sound light system for your beloved bicycle. Chinese electronics wholesaler has just released this mp3 player, named bikeman, especially for cyclists.

The mp3 gadget is equipped with a loudspeaker and brings you the joy of riding while enjoying your favorite tunes. The whole gadget is encapsulated in an oxide-coated water-resistant aluminum cylinder, meaning suitable for all tough weathers.

Besides hours of musical entertainment, it also provides the illuminating function as a high-powered LED flashlight.

It's your road companion. It's also your home and office companion. It can be connected to your PC and the overall stylish and sleek design and the crystal-clear loudspeaker make it look trendy.

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