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Magnalight Adds 52" Long
280 Watt LED Spotlight with 25,000 Lumens

New LED spotlight, featuring a powder coated aluminum housing and twenty eight 10 watt LED packages

Larson Electronics Press Release - 12/8/2009

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LED10W-28R LED Spotlight

LED10W-28R LED Spotlight

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics' announced the addition of the LED10W-28R led spotlight for boats, vehicles, equipment and security applications. With 25,200 lumens and 52 inches of length, this LED light creates bright, even light over an area more than 3000 feet in length and 750 feet wide.

The bar style LED spotlight features a ultra lightweight aluminum housing, twenty eight 10 watt LEDs and a one foot pigtail terminated in a 2 pin Deutsch socket connector. The hinge style mounting base facilitates surface mounting for areas parallel or perpendicular to the ground with 45 degrees of angle adjustment. Drawing less than 23 amps on 12 volts DC, this LED spreader light operates on any voltage from 9 - 32 volts DC. With an IP67 rating and hard coat finish in black or white, the LED10W-28R replaces high wattage metal halide lights on boats, work trucks or heavy equipment, eliminating the need for diesel generators.

Priced just under $2,000.00, operators can use this LED light to create lighting output typically only found with high voltage metal halide type lighting, using their standard vehicle battery and alternator system. The LED10W-28R is Buy American Compliant and comes in standard colors of black and white, but tan, olive and other colors are available.

"Measuring 52 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep, the LED10W-28R LED light is a low profile, durable, waterproof LED light that produces 25,200 lumens," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "The one piece housing design and bolt on face plate simplifies the sealing process and enables us or the operator to change the optics to alter the beam pattern. Also, the new hinge style mount offers an upright mounting with 45 degrees of downward tilt or a wall mount with 45 degrees of adjustability. The spacing of the LEDs combined with new optics creates a very white, even beam pattern. One of these LED lights mounted on a utility vehicle will easily illuminate the job site. With this LED light, the first responder becomes the only light source needed. There is no need to track down and wait for someone else to bring in a diesel generator driven light tower. Thus, there is no noise, no fumes and no lost time."

About Larson Electronics' Magnalight

Larson Electronics' offers a wide array of LED lighting for marine, industrial and military applications. Ranging from explosion proof LED lights to rechargeable LED handheld lights, continues to deepen its range of low voltage LED lights. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).

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