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Bayco Introduces
NSP-1160 & NSP-1260 All LED Duty Task Lights

Powerful handheld lighting with Dual-Light Innovation™

Bayco Products Press Release - 12/8/2009

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NIGHTSTICK NSP-1160 and NSP-1260 duty task lights

NIGHTSTICK NSP-1160 and NSP-1260 duty task lights

WYLIE, Tx. - Bayco, the leader in professional LED task lights introduces the NIGHTSTICK NSP-1160 and NSP-1260 duty task lights. The 1160 / 1260 are perfect for law enforcement, security and industrial / automotive professionals that need a super bright handheld task light. The thin profile and oval shape fits the size of any hand. Their light weight and Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-Light capability make conventional tube lights obsolete.

"Following the very successful introduction of the 1100 series of pocket sized lights, many of our law enforcement, security, industrial and automotive customers wanted a NIGHTSTICK that would forever replace the heavy conventional D-cell tube flashlight with short run-times.", says Bijan Bayat, founder and CEO of Bayco. "They asked for an all LED light with a lot of luminosity punch, and the safety and utility of Dual-Light Innovation."

"Our engineering team quickly responded with the black NSP-1160 and orange NSP-1260. These lights have an incredible 270 lumens total light output coming from a 150 lumens flashlight and 120 lumens floodlight. A half-power function more than doubles the floodlight run-time, while the momentary flashlight function attracts attention from a distance. The floodlight is optically engineered to spread the beam and distribute the light over a wide area. The professionals have spoken. NIGHTSTICK floodlight capability is rapidly setting the standard for flashlight safety and utility, while permanently replacing conventional tube flashlights."

The NSP-1160 / 1260 lights have one switch to control the momentary or constant flashlight and a second switch to control the floodlight for full or half power. Both models have a super bright flashlight beam for distant spotting and a wide beam floodlight providing broad illumination for close-in inspection or searching. Activate both for maximum illumination and safety.


NIGHTSTICK Dual-Light Innovation combines a floodlight with a flashlight, into a single housing. NIGHTSTICK is the only professional grade light that offers Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-Light capability in one unit.

NSP-1160 / 1260 FEATURES

• 35,000 hour LED life

• Oval shape is ergonomically comfortable

• Slip resistant soft-touch finish with diamond pattern

• Rugged engineered polymer housing is impact and chemical resistant

• 4 premium AA alkaline batteries included

• Dual-position stand places the floodlight beam where you need it

• 1 year limited warranty

• Meets European community directives

Model Color Flashlight Floodlight Dual-Light Accessories Included
NSP-1160 Black 150 Lumens 10 Hrs 60 LEDs 120 Lumens 4 hrs full power
60 LEDs 60 Lumens 10 hrs half power
270 Lumens 5 hrs
Full power floodlight
Dual-position stand
NSP-1260 Orange 150 Lumens 10 hrs 60 LEDs 120 Lumens 4 hrs full power
60 LEDs 60 Lumens 10 hrs half power
270 Lumens 5 hrs
Full power floodlight
Dual-position stand
Removable magnetic clip

For more information contact Bayco at 800-233-2155; ask for the sales department or visit to learn more about Bayco innovation and our professional task lighting product family.

At Bayco, we believe that
Life Depends On Light™

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