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Magnalight Adds
Handheld LED Spotlight with Dimmer Switch

Producing 800 lumens and reaching more than 800 feet, the ultra lightweight pistol grip style LED spotlight offers an inline dimmer switch

Larson Electronics Press Release - 12/15/2009

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HL-85-10W1 Pistol Grip Style LED Spotlight

HL-85-10W1 Pistol Grip Style LED Spotlight

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics' announced the addition of the HL-85-10W1-D LED spotlight with inline dimmer switch, 16 foot coil cord and cigarette plug. Drawing less than 1 amp on 12 volts and less than .5 amp on 24 volts, this LED spotlight weighs only 13 ounces and comes with a detachable 16 foot coil cord and industrial grade cigarette plug.

The booted rubber switch on the pistol grip style handle enables the operator to turn the light on and off easily, while the inline dimmer switch dial is easily controlled with the operator's other hand. The light output on the LED spotlight head illuminates reflective surfaces to 1500 feet, while the effective working beam is approximately 800 feet. The LED light head is rated at 50,000 hours and can operate on 9-32 volts DC. The inline Pulse width module (PWM) controller enables the operator to adjust the intensity of the beam from 0 percent output to 100 percent output with a twist of the dial. The HL-85-10W-1-D LED spotlight is unique in that the PWM can take the same input voltages of 9-32 volts, making the entire system functional on standard and military vehicles alike.

"We have had a lot of demand for spotlights with rheostat style dimmers," said Rob Bresnahan with "Varmint and predator hunters are fond of dimmable spotlights, but there also a lot of commercial and industrial applications for dimmable spotlights. For the moment, the HL-85-10W-1-D is a state of the art hunting spotlight with a dimmer. Halogen spotlights typically use resistors, commonly called rheostats, to control the current to the light. Pulse Width Modulators (PWM) perform the same function, but for LEDs. We constructed this inline PWM controller so it will not only work with our handheld LED spotlights, but also the full range of surface and magnetic mount LED lights, including out LEDLB and LED10W surface mount LED lights. Since the inline PWM can handle input voltages ranging from 9-32 volts DC, this solution is more versatile for a wider range of consumer, commercial and military vehicles, which may operate on 12 or 24 volts DC. In this way, PWM controllers can be more versatile than standard halogen rheostats."

Rob continued, "The HL-85-10W-1-D LED spotlight is a new addition to a line of handheld LED lights including the LEDPL-5 high output LED flashlight. The LEDPL-5 LED flashlight operates on standard rechargeable CR123A batteries and delivers a bright, white beam to 900 feet for 4 hours. The LEDPL-5 offers high, low and strobe modes and produced a maximum output of 200 lumens. Built on same technology as the patrolman's favorite rechargeable lithium ion battery powered MK-1 LED flashlight, the LEDPL5 and 3 inch cousin, the LEDPL-3 round out the duty grade LED flashlight family."

Larson Electronics offers a wide array of hunting spotlights, military spotlights and utility work lights. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363).

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