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Bayco Products Press Release - 12/15/2009

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Bayco NIGHTSTICK Dual-Light Capability

Bayco NIGHTSTICK Dual-Light Capability

WYLIE, Tx. - For over 85 years flashlights have undergone little in the way of functional advancements. Sizes and shapes have changed, but not the way that a flashlight is used. Flashlights have always been used to spot objects at a distance...a task that most flashlights are well suited to. However, flashlights have also been tasked with illuminating objects at close range for purposes of inspection, searching and/or repair...something that most flashlights don't do well. Until NIGHTSTICK, professionals and consumers had few options.

After hundreds of face-to-face interviews and more than two years of extensive R & D, Bayco confirmed that professionals and consumers were eager for a flashlight solution with significantly more utility and above all, enhanced personal safety.

Merging a separate fully functional floodlight with a flashlight into a single housing, is a Bayco exclusive. Optimizing both to work together to make the safest, most user friendly dual-light is a Bayco Innovation. NIGHTSTICK is the only professional grade light that offers Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-light capability in one unit.

All NIGHTSTICK lights have a super bright flashlight beam for superior illumination and a floodlight beam that is perfect for tracking and/or finding evidence at a crime scene. Activate both anytime you need maximum illumination...only NIGHTSTICK has dual-light capability.

For more information about NIGHTSTICK, contact Bayco at 800-233-2155; ask for the sales department or visit to learn more about Bayco innovation and our professional lighting product family.

At Bayco, we believe that Life Depends On Light™

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