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Bayco Introduces
SLR-2134 and 2166 Rechargeable All LED Task Lights

Powerful portable lighting - Anytime - Anywhere - Powerful handheld lighting with Dual-Light Innovation™

Bayco Products Press Release - 12/15/2009

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SLR-2134 and SLR-2166 LED light wand

SLR-2134 and SLR-2166 LED light wand

WYLIE, Tx. - Bayco, the leader in professional LED task lights introduces the SLR-2134 and SLR-2166 LED light wand. The 2134 and 2166 are the perfect lighting tools for the mechanic, hobbyist and homeowner that law enforcement, security and industrial / automotive professionals that need a super bright handheld floodlight able to fit into confined areas. The thin profile oval shape fits the size of any hand with or without gloves. Combining a soft-beam flashlight in the base of the handle makes the 2134 and 2166 the most versatile task light available • Floodlight • Dual-Light capability make conventional tube lights obsolete.

"Bayco engineers keep close contact with our professional customers that need bright and reliable lighting to be productive in their jobs. Research showed that mechanics and other tradesmen needed a powerful and hand-portable light source that could drench the work area in bright light. They said, a narrow spot light beam is good for lighting an object at a distance but in a dark place and close-in the strong sharp beam actually reduces visibility," says Bijan Bayat, founder and CEO of Bayco. "They asked for a rechargeable all LED light with exceptional diffused floodlight capabilities and a soft-beam flashlight when the situation needs the light to be concentrated." Dual-Light Innovation.

"Our engineering team responded with the SLR-2134 and larger 2166. These task lights have an incredible floodlight lumens output of 60 and 120 respectively. Both have a handy soft beam flashlight built into the handle. Of course they are rechargeable with an internal NiMH battery pack that provides a long run-time, is earth friendly and assures a full charge every charge which means long run times and no recharge memory effect."

Dual-Light Innovation combines a separate floodlight with a flashlight, into a single housing.

SLR-2134 and SLR-2166 FEATURES

• Broad beam floodlight fits into tight places
• Soft-beam flashlight for close-in illumination
• 35,000 hour LED life
• Ergonomic shape is comfortable with our without gloves
• soft-touch finish with diamond pattern
• Rugged engineered polymer housing is impact and chemical resistant
• Internal NiMH battery pack is earth friendly with no recharge memory limitations - full charge very time
• AC & DC charging adapters included
• Removable magnetic hook for hanging vertical or horizontal
• Top magnet is great for reaching into tight areas to retrieve metal hardware
• 1 year limited warranty
• Meets European community directives

Model Color Floodlight Soft Beam Flashlight Recharge Time Accessories Included
SLR-2134 Yellow 30 LEDs 60 Lumens
2 hrs
4 LEDs 8 Lumens
16 hrs
8 Hours AC & DC charge adapters
Magnetic hang hook
SLR-2166 Yellow 60 LEDs 120 Lumens
4 Hours
6 LEDs 12 Lumens
18 Hours
8 Hours AC & DC charge adapters
Magnetic hang hook

For more information contact the Bayco sales department at 800-233-2155 or visit to learn more about Dual-Light Innovation and our NIGHTSTICK product line.

At Bayco, we believe that Life Depends On Light™

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