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Phoebus Tactical Adds
MicroFire HL2-R Combat LED Flashlight

When extended and locked, the bezel makes a formidable weapon for combat or self-defense

Phoebus Tactical Flashlights Press Release - 12/15/2009

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MicroFire HL2-R 'Spike' from Phoebus Tactical

MicroFire HL2-R "Spike" from Phoebus Tactical

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - Phoebus Tactical Flashlights is now carrying the MicroFire HL2-R combat flashlight featuring a retractable, six-pronged bezel. When extended and locked, the bezel makes a formidable weapon for combat or self-defense.

Branded the "Spike" with Phoebus Tactical product code PHL2-R, this special ops rechargeable flashlight will list for $156. The compact Spike measures 5" in length with a weight, including the battery of just under one ounce.

Phoebus Tactical is announcing several special price reductions on the website for the gift giving seasons:

• Entering a quantity of 3 when ordering the popular Lunetta 2.2CR non-rechargeable flashlights on the web site will result in one being free.

• A 15% discount on all three Phoebus Tactical miniature flashlights is offered by entering coupon code MINI3 at checkout.

• An excellent deal can also be had on the multi LED MicroFire Challenger by using coupon code CHAL4 at checkout.

• All three of the MicroFire "Explorer" family of compact P7 LED tactical flashlights are discounted by entering coupon code EXPLO5 at checkout.

These specials will be good through Dec. 31 while supplies last. All Phoebus Tactical Flashlights are shipped free of charge by USPS Priority Mail and arrive in attractive gift boxes with batteries included.

For more information, visit the company's web site at:

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