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Bayco Introduces
NSP-1100 Series of All LED Pocketable Flashlights


Bayco Products Press Release - 12/22/2009

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NIGHTSTICK NSP-1100 series of personal flashlights

NIGHTSTICK NSP-1100 series of personal flashlights

WYLIE, Tx. - Bayco, the leader in the leader in professional LED task lights introduces the NIGHTSTICK NSP-1100 series of personal flashlights. The 1100's are perfect for back-up or lighting in an emergency. Their extremely thin, oval shape allows the lights to easily fit in a suit coat pocket, behind a belt and a female or male hand.

"Following the very successful introductionof the NSR-9800 series duty and patrol size flashlights many of our industrial and law enforcement customers asked for a NIGHTSTICK that would be pocketable", says Bijan Bayat, founder and CEO of Bayco. "They asked for very bright primary battery powered light that has the exclusive NIGHTSTICK flashlight • floodlight • dual-light capability but in a lightweight and small package that easily fits in a pocket. Our engineering team responded with the NSP-1100 series developing 5 sizes with total luminosity from 8 lumens to an incredible 137 lumens. NIGHTSTICK'S floodlight capability is rapidly setting the standard of flashlight user safety and utility."

The NSP-1100 series lights have a single body switch to control the 3 functions. All models have a super bright flashlight beams for spotting and a wide beam floodlight providing broad illumination for close-in inspection. Activate both for maximum illumination while walking or searching an area.

All NSP-1100's come with premium alkaline batteries and thanks to NIGHTSTICK'S efficient design, run-times are greatly extended.

Typical applications include:

Public Safety: Plain cloths, back-up, close-in inspection
Industrial: Close-in lighting for confined spaces


Oval shape fits easily suit coat pocket, behind a belt and a female
35,000 hour LED life
Rugged engineered polycarbonate housing is impact and chemical resistant
Slip resistant soft-touch finish
Premium AAA alkaline batteries included
1 year limited warranty

Model Flashlight Floodlight Dual-Light Accessories Included
NSP-1136 65 Lumens
12 Hours
36 LEDs
72 Lumens
7 hrs
137 Lumens
5 Hours
NSP-1124 45 Lumens
12 Hours
24 LEDs
48 Lumens
10 Hours
93 Lumens
6 Hours
NSP-1112 25 Lumens
18 Hours
12 LEDs
24 Lumens
15 hrs
49 Lumens
8 Hours
NSP-1106 8 Lumens
8 Hours
6 LEDs
12 Lumens
5 Hours
20 Lumens
3.5 Hours
NSP-1102 4 Lumens
20 Hours
2 LEDs
4 Lumens
20 Hours
N/A Lanyard

For more information contact Bayco at 800-233-2155; ask for the sales department or visit to learn more about Bayco innovation and our professional task lighting product family.

At Bayco, we believe that Life Depends On Light™

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