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Bayco Introduces NSR-9812 and 9814
All LED Personal Carry Patrol Flashlight

Strobe equipped rechargeable LED lights designed specifically for public safety and military professionals

Bayco Products Press Release - 12/22/2009

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NIGHTSTICK NSR-9812 strobe equipped rechargeable LED lights

NIGHTSTICK NSR-9812 strobe equipped rechargeable LED lights

WYLIE, Tx. - Bayco, the leader in professional LED task lights introduces the strobe equipped NSR-9812 and 9814 rechargeable LED lights designed specifically for public safety and military professionals.

"Following the very successful introduction of the NSR-9810 flashlight, many of our law enforcement customers asked for additional features", says Bijan Bayat, founder and CEO of Bayco. "Their specs required a strobe function and alternative control switch placement to further improve officer safety. Our engineering team responded with the NSR-9812 and 9814 models. The exclusive flashlight / floodlight / dual-light and optimal size, weight and balance, speak for themselves. The strobe function and adds an extra dimension of safety and utility to the light."

The NSR-9812 has a single body switch to control the functions. The 9814 has a body switch plus a tail-switch that works in tandem so the user can choose control from either position. Both models have a super bright tight-focused flashlight beam for long reach spotting and a wide beam floodlight providing broad illumination for close-in inspection. Activate both for maximum illumination while walking or searching an area. Activate the strobe with or without a safety-color cone and the user has a highly visible light that attracts attention.

The premium grade rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack is earth friendly and assures a full charge every charge with no recharge memory effect. Run-time is 6 hours flashlight, 5 hours floodlight, 2 hours for dual-mode and 24 hours for strobe. Recharge time from full discharge is less than 3 hours. A compact vehicle / wall mount is included with AC and DC adapters.

The NSR 9812 and 9814 feature an extraordinarily bright 160 Lumen flashlight and a 200 Lumen floodlight. Since the light source is LED, there are no bulbs to burn out or break on impact.

Typical applications include:

Public Safety: police, fire, EMS, rescue teams, military
Industrial: plant security, plant operations and facilities maintenance


• Tri-Lobal anti-roll design keeps the light in position
• 50,000 hour LED life
• Water proof to one meter
• Flashlight strobe function
• Rugged engineered polycarbonate housing is impact and chemical resistant
• Slip resistant diamond pattern body for secure and balanced grip
• Chargers are world deployable: 100-240 VAC and 12 VDC
• Lower cost of ownership compared to flashlights with bulbs and disposable batteries

For more information contact the Bayco sales department at 800-233-2155 or visit to learn more about Dual-Light Innovation and our NIGHTSTICK product line.

At Bayco, we believe that...Life Depends On Light™

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