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Tiablo A7 LED Flashlight

This small but mighty light features the following output levels: Hi > Lo > Strobe. Press Release - 1/20/2010

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Tiablo A7 Cree LED Flashlight

Tiablo A7 Cree LED Flashlight

SHENZHEN, China - Tiablo A7 Cree (product number 7090 XR-E R2) is a sharp-looking design, well-built and based on Cree XLamp® LED. Its output is 230 Lumens of light and offers state of the art performance. The Tiablo A7 Cree is powered by 2x16340, 2xCR123 or 1x 18650 batteries which give you approximately 18 hours of continuous bright light using one fresh set of batteries.

Overall Appearance

Full body is built of aluminum which is hard and tough - overall build quality is excellent. The head of this flashlight is bigger than the barrel with built in flat groves. On the one side of the body the brand name "Tiablo" is clearly written. The rest of the barrel and the tactical tail switch also have the grooves which further improve hand grip and prevents the light rolling off a flat surface.


The head of the light has grooves which prevent anti-rolling on a smooth surface when this flashlight is place horizontally. The LED is properly center in the reflector which shows a bright dot when the flashlight turn on. The lens is recessed in the head which help when flashlight is placed head side down.


The button is precision designed aluminum alloy.


The LED used in the flashlight is XLamp® XR-E R2 LED from Cree and is rated @ 230 Lumens.


The beam produced by the flashlight is focused by a smooth reflector and the bezel features a toughened ultra clear glass with AR coating. The light also features a multifunctional light dimmer circuit for the LED. Warning: Do not look directly into light, eyesight damage might occur.

Seals / Water Resistance

A rubber o-ring located on the both sides of barrel and the switch is completely water resistant and can be used in wet environment when tail cap are screwed tightly. The light will function beyond 5m depth (PX-8) in water.


Model: A7
LED: CREE 7090 XR-E R2
Max output: 230 Lumens
Reflector: Smooth
Color: Armed Forces green
Working voltage: 2.7V to 8.5V
Switch: Tactical
Button: Precision designed aluminum alloy
Lens diameter: 32.0m
Length: 127.0m
Net weight: 113.0g
Weight (including the packaging):234.0g

The Tiablo A7 Cree 7090 XR-E R2 is $79.49 (free shipping) at

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