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New 12 Volt Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on LFP Technology to Replace Common Lead-Acid Batteries by Making Products Lighter and More Powerful

K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. Press Release - 1/26/2010

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K2 Energy's K2B12V7 and K2B12V10

K2 Energy's K2B12V7 and K2B12V10 (pictured) batteries are expected to dramatically alter the way companies design and power commercial and consumer products.
(Photo: Business Wire)

HENDERSON, Nv. - K2 Energy Solutions (K2), a manufacturer and seller of rechargeable battery systems, has announced two new battery systems that will dramatically alter the way companies design and power their commercial and consumer products.

Known as K2B12V7 and K2B12V10, K2's latest energy storage devices are 12 volts and 6.4 Ahr/9.6 Ahr batteries respectively, and make it possible to power a variety of equipment in a way that is lighter, longer lasting and more powerful than any lead-acid battery currently on the market.

The two batteries have been developed for a variety of commercial applications that can provide power to a varied number of systems, while reducing weight and enhancing performance. These devices were targeted for use in the medical, military and industrial fields but are also suitable for consumer applications ranging from portable yard equipment like lawn trimmers, to recreational equipment such as electric bikes and scooters.

"From the beginning, our intent was to create an entirely new source of energy that could be used for a variety of commercial uses, as well as everyday consumer products," said David Anderson, business development manager for K2 Energy Solutions. "The finished products are completely backward compatible with the standard 12 volt 7 Ahr lead acid battery; our batteries don't even require you to use a different charger. The onboard embedded microprocessor protects the battery as well as the end user from inadvertently damaging the battery. There is no question that these products will have a significant impact on the way manufacturers design their products in the future."

The K2B12V7 and K2B12V10 weigh two and three pounds respectively and contain no hazardous heavy metals or dangerous chemicals, making them an "environment friendly" battery. Results show the batteries charge faster and last three to five times longer than conventional batteries, and hold their charge even after being in storage for long periods of time.

K2 plans to introduce both batteries to a variety of manufacturers around the world - helping them understand the benefits of this new energy source and assisting them in adapting the battery technology into future products.

For more information about K2 Energy Solutions or any of its rechargeable battery options, visit them online at or call 702-478-3590.


K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. was founded to commercialize and manufacture rechargeable battery systems for electric vehicles and energy storage applications. The company's battery systems are based on a lithium iron phosphate cathode material whose inherent safety and low cost makes them ideal for the large format systems required for energy storage and EV applications. K2 differentiates itself as a solutions provider for large format battery packs and systems, developing products based upon customer requirements and utilizing expertise in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry.

K2 is a private corporation headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, with manufacturing / assembly sites in Nevada, Finland, and China.

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