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Pelican Products Announces
Retirement of Norman Barstow Jr.

Today Concludes Barstow's Fifty Years of Service with Hardigg Industries/Pelican Products

Pelican Products, Inc. Press Release - 2/2/2010

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Pelican Products, Inc.

Pelican Products, Inc.

TORRANCE, Ca. - Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, announces the retirement of Norman Barstow Jr. after 50 years of service to Hardigg Industries (Pelican Products acquired Hardigg Industries in December 2008). Norm will retire as Chief Packaging Engineer for Hardigg Cases, where he mentored and guided the development of military and commercial packaging solutions.

"We will all miss Norm's amazing camaraderie and dedication as a team player, as well as his significant contributions to the company, his infinite wisdom and his knowledge of superior packaging design," said Lyndon Faulkner, Pelican's President and CEO. "We cannot thank him enough for his time and service and feel his dedication is a testament to Pelican's/Hardigg's retention of talented and successful employees."

Norm started his packaging career in 1960 as a Plant Floor Supervisor developing performance curves for Hardigg packaging products under the tutelage of James Hardigg. This experience lead to a position as Packaging Engineer, where he directed the efforts of Hardigg's package testing laboratory and developed packaging systems for fragile and sensitive military and government equipment. Many of the systems that he developed are still in use today.

"Norm has been a mentor and inspiration to countless people within the packaging industry, including myself. I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Norm for over 25 years. I do know that after a full fifty years of service to Hardigg and Pelican, Norm is looking to spend some quality time with his family and to travel with his wife Janet. I am pleased to say that our door remains open for Norm to engage in future consulting work with Pelican Products, should he wish to do so," added Bill Hamer, Hardigg COO.

With the advent of computers, Norm developed packaging for Digital and other computer companies. The shipping of mainframe computers by air ride vans ultimately lead to the development of Skidmate pallet risers, which are still in use today. The introduction of fragile disk drives and gyroscopes into the military environment required extensive development of Low-g fragility packaging. He and his team continued to develop sophisticated foam and elastomeric mount deck systems to protect these systems from transportation damage. Norm has conducted training for military and civilian personnel on the merits of good technical packaging design, including an annual seminar at the School of Military Packaging Technology (SMPT) at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. Most recently Norm traveled the globe to train the Pelican sales staff on the technical aspects of Hardigg customization and packaging solutions.

While working at Hardigg, Norm graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards as a seminar and convention speaker.

Biographical Highlights

• Awarded the 1985 Annual Achievement award in outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the field of Logistics from the National Institute of Packaging, Handling, Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE)
• Author of "User-Friendly Packaging: The Human Engineering of Reusable Shipping Containers", National Defense Journal of the American Defense Preparedness Association, February 1988, Vol .LXXII No. 435
• Speaker at numerous NIPHLE symposiums, School of Military Packaging Technology and the Society of Logistics Engineers (SLE)
• Member of the NIPHLE from 1975 to present
• Current member of the SLE
• Former member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals and the Institute of Environmental Sciences
• Holds two major patents in reusable containers
• NIPHLE National Packaging Design Competition Judge

About Pelican Products

Pelican™ Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases. After acquiring Hardigg Industries in December 2008, the company now operates in 12 countries, with 22 offices and six manufacturing facilities across the globe.

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