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Weiguo Solutions Limited Press Release - 2/2/2010

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Weiguo Solutions Spotlight Car Flashlight

Weiguo Solutions Spotlight Car Flashlight

BOISE, Id. - Argentina and Canada bestowed International Media Awards on spotlight for two new accessories. Both compact and simple to use; the 2010 headband and bicycle barkeep accessories are available separately or in value packages with other spotlight product.

Bill Reimann, President, reports. "This is our third year at SEMA and this show is the most important date in our trade show calendar - everyone is here! Everyone is excited about our new products and continued innovation. We continue to receive requests from flashlight enthusiasts - fondly called spotlight illuminaughty to develop more ways to use spotlight in their daily work and play activities. The headband was an obvious progression in our product line, while the barkeep has been the real surprise - people keep finding more ways to use it!"

Brandologist Mark Clulow spoke about the value of kits and what they mean to the new web site. "Our kits are great starter for people. When I first started to use the various accessories that were available for my spotlight it was obvious that different product combinations could have a variety of applications. The kits make it easy for people to have everything they need to 'get lit'" he said using the company's catch phrase. "Our newest 'adventure kit' is great for both outdoor and automotive enthusiasts. Hands-free lighting for people on the go - for work or play - is the driver for our innovation."

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