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SolLight Introduces
Solar-Powered RailLight Mini

Add instant light to any boat with the new, compact, Solar-Powered RAILLIGHTmini™

Simply Brilliant, LLC Press Release - 2/2/2010

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Solar-Powered RAILLIGHTmini™

Solar-Powered RAILLIGHTmini™

HOOD RIVER, Or. - Adding a cockpit, cabin or deck light to your boat has never been easier or more cost effective. The RailLight Mini is a marine-grade, stainless steel, solar-powered LED light fixture that quickly and securely clamps onto any railing from up to 1¼" diameter with a tough nylon clamp that adjusts the light to any height or angle.

Just like the larger original RailLight™, the RailLight Mini attaches in seconds; no wires, no batteries, no costly installation - just instant light wherever you want it. The sealed stainless housing will shed water while the dual white LEDs are rated for over 10,000 hours of use.

The new, heavy-duty QuickMount™ rail and post clamp lets you instantly disconnect the RailLight Mini from the railing without unscrewing the actual clamp from the rail. So you can pop it off to use as a mobile light on your boat. No tools required!

The built-in sensor that automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn; the water-proof switch let's you turn the light off when not needed. FastSolar™ circuitry manages power output and battery performance to quickly charge in various lighting conditions and provide up to eight hours of light on a full charge

Two super-bright white LEDs are housed within in a frosted, water-tight polycarbonate lens system. On your deck, the RailLight Mini will shed a wonderful glow for up to eight hours with a full charge of sunlight; since a RailLight Mini is mounted outside it is always charging if there's bright sunshine or not.

Mount a RailLight Mini in your cockpit, on your boarding steps or ladder, near your dock locker or utility box, on your bimini or awning supports, by your BBQ or swim platform, on dock posts, walkways and tables, or take them to shore for nights on the beach.

The RailLight Mini also makes a perfect emergency light if all your boat power goes out. You can also use it as an emergency anchor light or signal beacon.

For $29.95 you can have a secure outdoor light virtually anywhere on your boat without having to drill holes, run wires or worry about running down your batteries. The RailLight Mini is available at West Marine or on the web at

About Simply Brilliant, LLC

SolLight products are distributed by Simply Brilliant, LLC, an innovative design firm specializing in safe, environmentallyfriendly home, outdoor and marine products. For more information visit

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