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Bayco Introduces NIGHTSTICK
Patrol Duty Flashlight / Floodlight with Strobe

NIGHTSTICK NSR-9912 and NSR-9914 Single and Dual-Switch Models

Bayco Press Release - 2/2/2010

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WYLIE, Tx. - Bayco, a leader in professional LED task lights proudly introduces the NIGHTSTICK NSR-9912 and NSR-9914 rechargeable LED flashlights designed specifically for public safety, military and industrial professionals. These new NIGHTSTICK lights raise the bar of professional flashlight performance by offering a 220 lumens flashlight making them one of the brightest flashlight beams in its class.

The NSR-9912 and NSR-9914 incorporate Bayco's exclusive Dual-Light INNOVATION that combines a powerful long throw flashlight beam with a broad floodlight beam in a compact housing.

"The NSR-9912 and NSR-9914 represent Bayco's 3rd generation of professional flashlights and demonstrates our steadfast commitment to providing law enforcement, military and industrial professionals with advanced personal lighting tools that are unmatched in the marketplace." says Bijan Bayat, founder and CEO of Bayco. "Designed at Bayco's Texas headquarters, our engineering team pushed the technology envelope by incorporating the most advanced LED technology available with precision optics. There is no other professional flashlight like it in the market."

The NSR-9912 has a single body switch to control the functions of flashlight, floodlight, dual-light and strobe. The NSR-9914 incorporates a body and tail switch. Switches work in tandem so the user can choose light control from either position. The flashlight has a deep parabolic reflector to capture and shape 99.5% of the light and a wide beam floodlight that spreads light over an area four times broader than the flashlight beam with no hot spots to impair your vision while searching a crime scene or looking for evidence. Maximum light output and run-time are optimized by the microprocessor. Activate both flashlight and floodlight for maximum illumination while walking or searching an area.

The premium grade rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack is eco-friendly and assures a full charge every time with no recharge memory effect. Run-time is 5 hours flashlight, 5 hours floodlight, 5 hours for dual-mode and 16 hours for strobe. Recharge time from full discharge is less than 3 hours. Included are a compact vehicle / wall charger platform, AC and DC adapters, and CR123 Lithium battery carrier for emergency back-up power (batteries not included).

Typical applications include:

Public Safety: Law Enforcement, fire / EMS, rescue teams, military
Industrial: Plant security, plant operations and facilities maintenance

The NSR-9912 and NSR-9914 are available in six configurations:

Model # Single Switch Dual Switch Standard NiMH Battery Mobile Charging Platform Lithium Battery Carrier 12v DC Charging Cord World AC Power Adapter
NSR-9912 check check check check check check
NSR-9912DC check check check check check
NSR-9912LB check check
NSR-9914 check check check check check check
NSR-9914DC check check check check check
NSR-9914LB check check


Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-Light • Strobe
220 lumens flashlight • Runs 5 hours
300 lumens floodlight • Runs 5 hours
300 total lumens in Dual-Light mode • Runs 5 hours
220 lumens strobe • Runs 16 hours
Momentary flashlight operation
Anti-roll Tri-Lobal design keeps light in position
Bright LEDs - 50,000 hour life
Rugged engineered polymer housing - impact / chemical / moisture resistant
Non-slip double - diamond grip
Rechargeable NiMH battery pack - maximum charge every time with no recharge memory effect
3 hour charge time
Lithium CR123 battery carrier for emergency back-up power (batteries not included)
Chargers are world deployable: 100-240 VAC and 12 VDC
Length: 9.2 inches (23.3 cm) • Weight: 12.5 oz. (.35 kg) • Body diameter 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)
Accessories available

To learn more about the NIGHTSTICK line of lights and Dual-Light INNOVATION, call us at 800-233-2155 or go to our website at To buy NIGHTSTICK go to BUY NIGHTSTICK.

At Bayco, we believe that Life Depends On Light™

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