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Lumex Announces
Launch of QuasarBrite UV Family of LEDs

QuasarBrite UV LEDs are available in 385nm, 405nm and 415nm wavelengths

Lumex Press Release - 2/9/2010

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QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs

PALATINE, Il. - Lumex announces the global launch of their QuasarBrite™ UV family of LED technologies. The UV LEDs provide a 10 times longer lifespan, enhanced durability and up to 50% cost savings compared to alternative technologies.

The RoHs compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are available in 385nm, 405nm and 415nm wavelengths at 4-6mW in through-hole format.

QuasarBrite UV technology is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

• bacterial and superficial sterilization for medical device technologies related to phototherapy, dental, and dermatology equipment;
• industrial control device technology related to leak and biohazard detection;
• forensic applications related to counterfeit detection and forensic analysis of bodily fluids;
• ink fluorescing.

"Despite the many benefits of UV LED technology, adoption has been limited in the past due to the fact that the materials used in the epoxy LED lens degraded the lifespan of UV LEDs to less than 5,000 hours," explained Jeff Oliveros, Director of Engineering at Lumex. "Replacing the epoxy lenses with a robust TO-46 package with glass lens, QuasarBrite UV LEDs now last at least ten times longer, providing a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours."

In addition to enhanced life span, QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide several key benefits compared to alternative technologies like CCFLs. QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide a uniform beam pattern. To match this performance CCFLs would require a secondary lens resulting in additional cost and space investment. Additionally, QuasarBrite UV LEDs do not use the hazardous mercury material found in CCFL technology and are more durable in their design, thereby significantly reducing maintenance costs. Finally, Lumex's UV LEDs have up to 70% lower energy consumption than CCFLs. These factors combined allow Lumex's QuasarBrite UV LEDs to provide up to a 50% cost savings compared to CCFLs.

Samples of these devices are available from stock, with custom production quantities in 8-10 weeks and standard production quantities in 6-8 weeks. Pricing is dependent on quantity ordered, and is approximately $2.50 to $5.25 per unit in production quantities dependent on size and quantity ordered.

Lumex Contact Information

For additional information or engineering assistance:
In North America and Europe, contact Lumex's Sales Department, 290 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 USA. Phone: 1-800-278-5666. FAX: 1-847-359-8904. E-mail: Web:

In Asia, contact Lumex's Asian Pacific Headquarters at 3F, No. 972, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chu Dung, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan, ROC. Phone: +886-3-582-1124. FAX: +886-3-582-1154. Web (in Chinese):

About Lumex

Lumex, an ITW company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of optoelectronic components, devices and displays. Lumex offers thousands of high-efficiency, state-of-the-art optoelectronic components, devices and displays, with an emphasis on both application-specific and customer-specific parts for the North American, Asian and European markets.

The company is headquartered in Palatine, Illinois and Chu Dung, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan, ROC,. Manufacturing facilities are located in Illinois, Taiwan and China with distributors throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Since its inception in 1980, Lumex was established as a global organization offering application-specific solutions - but with the manufacturing efficiencies normally associated only with volume operations. Lumex received its initial ISO 9001 registration in 1996.

About the ITW Photonics Group

The ITW Photonics Group, part of ITW (NYSE: ITW), was created to bring together and build on the technical expertise of individual companies that specialize in photonics technology and span the full spectrum of wavelengths with LEDs, LCDs, Light Pipes, Back Lights, Emitter and Detectors. Today the group consists of Lumex, Cal Sensors and Opto Diode.

The synergy of these industry frontrunners provides an unsurpassed range of photonic capabilities across more than 23 different markets, including medical, military and industrial controls. The ITW Photonics Group provides the widest range of standard products as well as integrated solutions that encompass the technology and experience from all of the business units, offering design engineers higher product performance with greater feature enhancements.

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