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Nite Ize Introduces
'Key Rack' and 'KeyLit'

Two versions of a new compact, versatile key chain that offer superior convenience and organization

Nite Ize, Inc. Press Release - 2/9/2010

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KeyLit L.E.D. Key Organizer

KeyLit L.E.D. Key Organizer

BOULDER, Co. - Nite Ize, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative products & accessories, announced today the introduction of several new products, including two new versatile key chains: the Key Rack and its L.E.D. illuminated cousin, the KeyLit.

"People love the simple functionality of these key rings," said Rick Case, Nite Ize founder and president. "When we designed them, we thought about the frustrations people have when it comes to their keys: and 'losing track' was a common denominator - losing track of which key is which, who has what, where they are. The Key Rack and KeyLit both solve these problems, in a convenient, functional, and innovative way."

With a high quality carabiner clip on one end, both the Key Rack and Key Lit can be clipped practically anywhere, including an existing key ring. The other end features six different colored plastic S-Biners sized to hold six separate keys, which allows the user to identify them by color. Keys can be attached and released quickly and easily, which makes sharing individual keys convenient.

The KeyLit has the additional feature of a bright L.E.D. situated in its center, providing instant flood illumination with the press of a button. The L.E.D functions in two modes steady glow, (to find a key, key hole, or navigate a path to and from the car), and continuous flash (to provide a safety signal).

About Nite Ize, Inc.

Nite Ize was founded by creativity and has continued to commit to innovation throughout 21 years of business. Nite Ize products and brands strive to exemplify problem/solution based products with quality and performance at the core. Nite Ize takes pride in the way they conduct their business and do what they say they will do. Nite Ize team members are passionate about their products, customer satisfaction, their partners and the environment.

Nite Ize operates from its corporate offices in Boulder, Colorado, and offers over 100 innovative products & accessories in five unique categories: Mobile, Hardware, L.E.D., Flashlight, and Tool. Its products are sold in over 60 countries by the world's most recognized retailers.

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