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Nite Ize Announces Acquisition of
INOVA® Brand of High Performance LED Flashlights

Emissive Energy will continue to provide technology and product support to Nite Ize and together will develop future INOVA products

Nite Ize, Inc. Press Release - 2/9/2010

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Inova T4 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Inova T4 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

BOULDER, Co. - Nite Ize, Inc. is excited to announce the acquisition of the INOVA brand of LED performance flashlights from Emissive Energy Corp. INOVA products are recognized in the lighting industry for excellence in design, engineering, technology and performance.

Nite Ize and Emissive Energy Corp. have spent the last two years working together on a variety of projects. This strategic partnership has provided the vehicle for Nite Ize to develop the resources required to take over the manufacturing and distribution of the INOVA products.

Nite Ize has been in business over two decades, and their strengths include distribution, marketing and manufacturing, with an overall emphasis on bringing innovative products to the market. This focus on innovation is what makes Nite Ize the ideal company to bring the INOVA brand forward into the consumer market in the coming years. Rick Case, president of Nite Ize said in an announcement, "I'm incredibly excited to grow our business with the INOVA brand of products. This brand will reinforce and expand our consumer products offering into markets we've been developing for 21 years and highlight our dedication to innovation, technology and design within the consumer channels we currently serve."

Emissive Energy Corp., developer of the INOVA brand, is an engineering solution company by background. The founders brought extensive knowledge in semi-conductor development, laser technology and light emitting diodes (LEDs) to the industry. They have been awarded with over 135 patents for their efforts. It's exactly this type of forward thinking that will make the continued partnership between Emissive Energy Corp. and Nite Ize, Inc. a success. Emissive Energy Corp. will continue to focus its design and technology towards the manufacturing of high-end, cutting edge LED and laser illumination and targeting systems for the military and public safety markets worldwide. Emissive's desire to develop these markets under its INFORCE brand, and their confidence that Nite Ize will protect and expand the premier brand of INOVA, is why they chose Nite Ize, Inc. to bring greater worldwide distribution to the INOVA brand. Emissive Energy will continue to provide technology and product support to Nite Ize and together will develop the INOVA products of the future.

Currently the INOVA brand offers five separate lines of high performance LED flashlights. As rugged as they are powerful, each model is made to take the severest treatment in stride. A host of features like: non-breaking, filament-free, solid-state LEDs, aerospace-grade aluminum bodies, impact-resistant heads, moisture-resistant seals,and military-spec anodized finishes ensure dependability and durability in difficult situations and harsh conditions. When the need for high-performance, handheld lighting arises, there is no acceptable substitute for the sophisticated engineering, superior materials and precision manufacturing techniques behind INOVA LED flashlights. For additional information, please visit

About Nite Ize, Inc.

Nite Ize was founded by creativity and has continued to commit to innovation throughout 21 years of business. Nite Ize products and brands strive to exemplify problem/solution based products with quality and performance at the core. Nite Ize takes pride in the way they conduct their business and do what they say they will do. Nite Ize team members are passionate about their products, customer satisfaction, their partners and the environment.

Nite Ize operates from its corporate offices in Boulder, Colorado, and offers over 100 innovative products & accessories in five unique categories: Mobile, Hardware, L.E.D., Flashlight, and Tool. Its products are sold in over 60 countries by the world's most recognized retailers.

For more information, please visit

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