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Ajoka Introduces
Flashlight-Camera For Law Enforcement Agencies

Protect your home from unwanted visitors at night, see who is in the dark, record video and audio

Ajoka Corporation Press Release - 2/16/2010

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Ajoka Flashlight-Camera

Ajoka Flashlight-Camera

HONG KONG, S.A.R. - Every home needs the Ajoka Flashlight-Camera; a real working flashlight with real time audio-video recording function plus takes high resolution photos during the day or at night.

The Ajoka Flashlight-Camera is great for the family home, security guards, or law enforcement personnel. Also ideal for leisure activities such as camping or fishing where a flashlight and camera are both needed. Easily download videos or photos to your computer using the USB port, upload clips to, send them by email or use them for evidence in the court.

Strong aluminum weatherproof body oncorporates a simple to use Flashlight-Camera for every one in your family.

The Ajoka Flashlight-Camera has 128MB of built-in memory and supports mini-SD cards up to 2GB for extra storage. The flashlight includes 3 levels of brightness to adapt the intensity of light to the environment it is being used. The infrared LEDs provide light that humans can not see but enables the camera to see in total darkness and record video. Night vision recording provide an effective range of up to 30ft (4m).


- High powered White LED flashlight
- Highly Durable with precision tooled aluminum housing
- Compact size and portable DVR System
- Support up to 2GB external Mini SD Card flash storage
- MPEG4 Video Recording
- Support 1.5 Hours VGA recording with 1 GB Mini SD card
- Built-in CMOS Color VGA Sensor (640x480)
- Night Vision support
- Backup using USB1.1 compatible interface
- Easy operation with one touch control
- LCD Status Display with backlight
- Clock Display
- Built-in Ni-MH Charger (12V input)

About Ajoka Corporation

Ajoka Corporation is a sister company of 5M Technology H.K (5M Group of companies.) Our mission is to provide the best and cheapest products to the market so everyone can enjoy high quality products but spend the minimum for their protection. Most of the items we sell we manufacture ourselves. We receive the best prices from our associated suppliers, so our company is mainly divided in to two parts; one is manufacturing and the other is the trading. Our factory in mainland China employs about 150 hardworking people who are committed to providing the best quality products worldwide.

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