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Real Action Paintball Introduces
the RAP4 Paintball Tactical Flashlight

The Paintball Tactical Flashlight is barely noticeable when mounted to the sidearm or primary marker

Real Action Paintball Inc. Press Release - 2/16/2010

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RAP4 Paintball Tactical Flashlight

RAP4 Paintball Tactical Flashlight

SAN JOSE, Ca. - RAP4 is proud to announce the Paintball Tactical Flashlight, a universal accessory that brings the power of light to the marker. The Paintball Tactical Flashlight can be mounted to standard weaver rails on any paintball marker, including the accessory rail beneath the pistol and other paintball side arms.

The Paintball Tactical Flashlight is made to the quality and durability standards demanded of tactical firearm accessories...meaning that each flashlight is tough enough for years of paintball abuse.

At only 5.6 oz and under 2 inches long, the Paintball Tactical Flashlight is barely noticeable when mounted to the sidearm or primary marker. Flick the rear-mounted on/off switch or touch the whip-mounted pressure pad which the users can install on the forearm, grip, or anywhere else that feels right-and the users will fill the bad guys' world with blinding light.

Use the Paintball Tactical Flashlight to spotlight the opponents. When the users light them up with the bright white beam, everyone on the team will be able to see them, shoot them, and make them run out of the game. Turn the light off in an instant, and disappear before it draws fire the way.

Use a quick burst of light aimed right at the opponents to destroy their ability to see in the dark. It takes the human eye several minutes to adjust to darkness...time that the users can escape an awkward bunker or flank around them.

Detach the flashlight without tools, and use it to light the way back to camp, look for things inside the tent, or find the gear the users dropped in the dark.

About Real Action Paintball Inc.

Real Action Paintball, Inc, (RAP4) is a manufacturer and distributor of military, law enforcement, and gaming equipment head-quartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). Real Action Paintball has over 1,000 products in stock, with even more available from our extensive catalog. Our extended show room displays a wide variety of custom products and tactical gear. Real Action Paintball offers true 'one-stop shopping' for all of your gaming, tactical, and training equipment needs.

For more information, visit the company's web site at:

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