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Saelig Debuts New Features
for Low-cost Oscilloscope

Low-cost 2-channel PDS5022S is packed with useful features normally only seen on higher-end DSO's

Saelig Company, Inc. Press Release - 3/10/2010

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Saelig PDS5022S Benchtop Oscilloscope

Saelig PDS5022S Benchtop Oscilloscope

PITTSFORD, N.Y. - Saelig Company, Inc. announces new features for the PDS5022S low-cost, full-featured 25MHz two-channel benchtop oscilloscope. The new features are: Auto-scale, FFT, and trigger hold, normally found on much more expensive instruments.

• Autoscale can be set to automatically adjust the vertical gain, or the horizontal time base, or both together. This is useful for circuit probing -- as the probe is moved from point to point on a circuit board, the display auto-adjusts for best trace presentation. It functions in the same manner as 'AutoSet', but instead of being a one-time function, it's active until turned off, keeping the hands free.

• FFT allows you to instantly see the frequency spectrum of the signal under test.

• Trigger Hold allows you to introduce a delay relative to the trigger point so that a different part of the signal can be seen.

Low-cost 2-channel PDS5022S is packed with useful features normally only seen on higher-end DSO's: video trigger, auto-measurements, large 8 full color LCD display, 100MS/s sampling, XY Mode, auto- set, averaging, math functions, USB output, waveform storage, 3 yr warranty, etc. PDS5022S can automatically measure and display frequency and peak-peak/rms/mean values, but cursors can also be moved to make individual readings. A built-in self- calibration facility improves measurement accuracy. Video monitoring is also possible since you can trigger on NTSC/PAL/SECAM line or field waveforms. PDS5022 offers on-board storage, and USB output, making the PDS series the ideal choice for design, maintenance and lab use. PDS5022 s features include: manual cursor measurements, up to 5 automatic measurements, high-speed screen update, storage for up to 4 waveforms & set-up parameters, 6KBytes/ch memory, convenient serial interface with software, 400V (DC+AV peak) maximum input, optional rechargeable Battery Pack, etc. PDS5022S has multi-language capabilities too!

This lightweight scope is perfect for any engineer s or student s desk. USB connection makes printing stored results easy too. With a large 7.8 640 x 480 color LCD, PDS5022S is small enough and light enough to carry anywhere you need. With a buffer size of 6K samples, PDS5022S sampling range is 10Sa/s to 100MSa/s with synchronous 8-bit sampling on both channels. Sensitivity range is 5mV/div~5V/div with maximum display of ±50V. Another really useful feature is the ability to store 4 waveforms for comparison with live inputs. A persistence control is available too which simulates old analog scopes to compare slow-moving waveforms with previous scans. X-Y display allows you to see phase changes. A+B and A-B math capability is also included.

Resembling much more expensive look-alikes, PDS5022S offers unbeatable value and is available now from stock at only $287.00 from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig (toll-free in the US) 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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