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'eneloop lite' to 'eneloop' Rechargeable Battery Family

Industry-Leading! Recharge up to Approx. 2,000 times Ready to Use even after 3 Years of Storage

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Press Release - 3/10/2010

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Sanyo's 'eneloop lite'

Sanyo's 'eneloop lite' Rechargeable Battery

TOKYO, Japan - SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) is pleased to announce 'eneloop lite', the latest addition to the 'eneloop' rechargeable battery product line, continuing the vision to promote "a lifestyle that values reusing and recycling." The new 'eneloop lite' rechargeable battery is ideal for use in low-to-medium power consumption devices, such as remote controls and alarm clocks.

The product will be released on June 22, 2010 in Japan and will be available in AA- and AAA-sizes, at 780 yen (AA) and 640 yen (AAA). SANYO also aims to release the new battery globally in the future.

Today, with people's mounting environmental and economic awareness, interest in rechargeable batteries is increasing. At the same time, dry cell users desire an "attractive price" and "shorter charging time." In response, in December 2008, SANYO launched initial sales in limited areas of Asia of lower-priced, lower-capacity rechargeable battery models based on a concept similar to that of "eneloop," in order to facilitate diffusion of rechargeable batteries. Now, to meet these demands more proactively, SANYO is adding the new "eneloop lite" in sizes AA and AAA to its product lineup as entry model rechargeable batteries.

Coming pre-charged to ensure dry-cell equivalent user-friendliness by being usable immediately out of the box, and with low self-discharge properties allowing the batteries to be ready to use even after 3 years of storage, "eneloop lite" is also a rechargeable battery with smaller capacity than the "eneloop", is attractively priced and carries the industry leading number of cycles, being rechargeable up to approximately 2,000 times.

Just as the "eneloop", the batteries are pre-charged at the factory using electric power generated from solar energy as part of the "Green Power Certification System." While following the original "eneloop" design concept, the "eneloop lite" is designed to be distinguishable from the "eneloop" already available. SANYO will continue to expand the "eneloop" series throughout the world so that people can comfortably adopt a new "lifestyle that values reusing and recycling."

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