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OSRAM GmbH Press Release - 3/23/2010

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OSRAM's QOD puts LEDs everywhere

OSRAM's QOD puts LEDs everywhere.
(Source: OSRAM)

MUNICH, Germany - With QOD OSRAM now offers a modular-based LED lighting solution for virtually any application area. The rectangular lamps with 16 LED each can be glued on, screwed on and connected with each other. With downlights in 70x70x8mm format, it is possible to stylishly light furniture, cabinets and other limited-space areas..

QODs are new, visually appealing downlights from OSRAM, which can be fitted almost anywhere with the minimum of effort. At less than a centimetre high (8mm) these lamps allow for unlimited creativity with accent lighting in home environments. The designated QOD kit includes three downlights with a slim junction box, which also contains the main switch. The only requirement to operate it is a socket for the 12V DC mains connection power supply, which the kit also includes. OSRAM also provides a QOD add-on accessory with another lamp in 70x70mm format. A maximum of five QODs can be connected to a distributor using a heavy-duty plug.

QOD is suitable for lighting cabinets, shelves or wardrobes. But QODs can also be used as downlights in other narrow areas, where there is insufficient space for conventional lamps. Thanks to reliable LED technology, replacing lamps is no longer necessary. From now on, OSRAM offers users a flexible, long-lasting lighting solution, which is compelling due to its outstanding functionality, contemporary design and performance - the warm white light of the 3.5W lamps is low-glare, emitted at a 45° angle and achieves around 170lm.


OSRAM (Munich, Germany) is part of the Industry Sector of Siemens and one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world. Sales for OSRAM worldwide totalled to €4.0 billion in fiscal year 2009, 88 percent of which came from outside Germany. OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting industry. Over 66 percent of sales come from energy-efficient products. This global player employs more than 39,000 people worldwide, supplies customers in some 150 countries and has 46 production facilities in 17 countries (September 30).

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