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Zing 24 Rotary Attachment for Laser Engraving

Cylindrical items such as flashlights, glasses, vases and mugs have always been popular items for customization

Epilog Laser Press Release - 3/23/2010

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Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment

Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment

GOLDEN, Co. - From the ARA International Awards Market in Las Vegas, Epilog Laser today announced the release of the Zing 24 Laser Rotary Attachment. The highly-anticipated accessory makes the Zing 24 a popular choice for those seeking entry-level systems capable of engraving cylindrical-shaped items.

"The Zing 24 continues to raise the bar for entry-level laser engraving equipment," said Mike Dean, director of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. "The availability of this desirable accessory will allow small businesses and hobbyists to accomplish the same goals as larger, more expensive systems. It will allow engravers to greatly expand their product line and in turn, their profit potential."

The Zing 24 Rotary Attachment was designed with productivity and ease-of-use in mind. Operators can switch from one item to the next in seconds, without removing the attachment from the engraver. Additionally, the attachment allows for accurate image scaling, so there's no need to input diameter or circumference calculations.

Cylindrical items such as flashlights, glasses, vases and mugs have always been popular items for customization, and highly profitable for engraving shops. The new attachment for the Zing 24 Laser was engineered to be user-friendly and allows business owners to not only offer more to customers, but to maintain throughput while doing so.

The Zing 24 Rotary Attachment can accommodate items up to 5.25 inches (133.4 mm) in diameter and is now available from Epilog Laser.

About Epilog Laser

Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, Epilog Laser was established in 1988 to bring CO2 laser engraving systems to both commercial distributors, small business owners and the home craftsman.

These CO2 laser engraving systems can cut and engrave into wood, acrylic, plastic and many other materials. They also produce stunning results on stainless steel and coated metals.

Due to the heightened demand for convenient metal marking solutions, in 2006 Epilog Laser expanded its product line to offer a fiber laser system that allows users to mark directly on metal surfaces including titanium, steel, aluminum, carbide, alloys, brass, and more.

Epilog recently launched the industry's first low-cost entry-level CO2 laser engraving system, the Zing Laser, to bring our technology to a wider audience.

For more information, visit the company's web site at:

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