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Phoebus Tactical Introduces
Upgraded PLG-3 Tactical Flashlight/Laser Combo

PLG-3 now features a high brightness 3 watt, 178 lumen CREE Q4 LED combined with a 5MW, 650nm red laser

Phoebus Tactical Press Release - 3/23/2010

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Phoebus Tactical PLG-3 Tactical Flashlight

Phoebus Tactical PLG-3 Tactical Flashlight w/ Mouse Tail Switch

PLG-3 Mounting Bracket View

PLG-3 Mounting Bracket View

Mounted to hand gun without mouse tail switch

Mounted to hand gun without mouse tail switch

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. - Phoebus Tactical Flashlights of San Francisco, CA announces an upgrade of their gun mount PLG-3 tactical flashlight and red laser.

The new PLG-3 now features a high brightness 3 watt, 178 lumen CREE Q4 LED combined with a 5MW , 650nm red laser in a single lightweight package.

The Q4 CREE LED, mounted in a polished reflector, emits a highly collimated beam of intense white light. The red laser dot stands clearly in the center of the light beam so the shooter can both illuminate the target and place their shot with confidence and accuracy.

The PLG-3 user pre-selects light only, laser only, or laser/light combination with a four position switch at the back of the unit. A rubber covered button switch at the rear of the PLG-3 activates the selected mode at the touch of the shooter's finger. Alternately, by connecting the included mouse tail switch the shooter can press the touch pad to activate the unit for rock solid on/off control.

The PLG-3 can be operated with either button switch or the mouse tail switch; With the mouse tail connected, the button switch is automatically de-activated.

The shockproof and waterproof PLG-3 is just over 3 1/2 inches long and weighs only 5.3 oz. attaching easily to a Picatinny or Weaver rail. The 5MW laser can be zeroed for both windage and elevation using the included adjustment tool.

Two CR-123A batteries are included to power the unit. With batteries installed, the battery hatch is locked with the adjustment tool to prevent accidental opening from shock or recoil. The user may expect a run time for the flashlight of 4-6 hours.

List price including batteries is $95.00

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