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Shore Power Inc. Acquires
Exclusive Distributing Rights for SUNWAYLED

Shore Power Inc. distributes over 100,000 different flashlights to government, military, law enforcement, and resellers

Shore Power Inc. Press Release - 8/18/2010

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OLD SAYBROOK, Ct. - Shore Power Inc., a distributor specializing in flashlights, batteries, and other portable power items, has established themselves as the exclusive distributor of SUNWAYLED flashlights.

SUNWAY has been contract manufacturing a number of prominent brand flashlights and photographic accessories for a number of years; therefore they already have extensive experience in the market. Their partnership with Shore Power Inc. will establish SUNWAYLED as a major player in the flashlight industry as Shore Power Inc. distributes over 100,000 different flashlights to government, military, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and resellers.

The President of Shore Power Inc., Matthew Kravitz, was immediately enamored by the quality and workmanship of the SUNWAYLED brand. "We distribute pretty much every major brand of light, both import and domestic, and I'm not easily impressed but SUNWAYLED truly impressed me. The fit and finish, the wide selection and the design philosophy they have embraced all showed a lot of expertise, experience and understanding of themselves and the market," Kravitz stated.

What sets SUNWAYLED apart from their competitors is their emphasis on design and attention to details. The beveled edges, square cut, anodized threads, and sleek finish are all factors Shore Power Inc. took into account when deciding to distribute the SUNWAYLED brand. The user interface is another innovative feature of SUNWAYLED flashlights, which contains a mid-bezel rotary dial which uses a magnetic sensor to adjust levels and moves.

SUNWAYLED came on the market with seven different models from day one, ranging from small, single-cell lights to mid-sized tactical offerings, up to high output search and rescue class lights, and they have plans to release six more models in the following 90 days. Their commitment to consistently come out with new products featuring the latest innovations in technology is another factor Shore Power Inc. took into consideration when committing to be their sole distributor.

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