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Edison Opto Introduces
New Planar Light Source - EdiPower II

EdiPower® II offers lumen efficiency up to 100 lm/W satisfying most lighting needs.

Edison Opto Corporation Press Release - 9/26/2010

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EdiPower® II

EdiPower® II

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Featuring low-power consumption, long life, high reliability and performance, EdiPower® II offered several brightness specifications in order to contribute on wider lighting applications.

The newly developed EdiPower® II series cover 410 lumens to 4,100 lumens, which are suitable for general indoor & outdoor lighting, street light and other industrial lighting. In addition, EdiPower® II uses copper substrate in order to save time on assembly, and also designing for replace incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, high pressure gas lamps, as well as fluorescent and other lamps.

EdiPower® II offers lumen efficiency up to 100 lm/W satisfying most lighting needs. EdiPower® II series provide several choices of luminous; 410-540lm series ideal for replace conventional light sources, such as halogen lamps and mercury. 850-1,400lm can be used in MR16, embedded lights and spot lights. 1,450-4,100lm is suitable for LED projector, and also applicable to large space lighting, factory lighting and architectural lighting, etc.

EdiPower® II series are RoHS compliance and are available for mass production in Q3.

About Edison Opto

Edison Opto is a leading high power LED manufacturer and a solution provider experienced in optical design and thermal management for the emerging SSL market. With R&D headquarter in Taiwan, as well as distribution network over twenty-six countries, Edison Opto offers a diverse range of high power LED products to worldwide commercial, industrial, retail, and residential markets.

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Picture EdiPower® II EdiPower® II EdiPower® II
Lumen(lm)(Typ.) 410-540 850-1400 1450-2050 2760-4100
Current(A) 0.7-1 0.7-1.2 1.0-1.5 1.5-2.2
Voltage(VF) 6.4-6.7 12-12.8 15.5-16.5 21.2-22.6
Watt(W) 4-6 8-15 16-24 30-50
CCT(K)(Typ.) 5000-10000
Dimension(mm) 16x14 25x23 25x23 37x35

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