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4Sevens Flashlights Announces
GREEN Packaging

The new packaging replaces the box and inner liner with a simple and robust low density polyethylene zip-bag

4Sevens, LLC. Press Release - 9/26/2010

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Quark MiNi AA²

Quark MiNi AA²

ATLANTA, Ga. - 4Sevens of Atlanta, GA is now offering a novel, environmentally-aware alternative to their very successful unique retail packaging. The new packaging replaces the box and inner liner with a simple and robust low density polyethylene zip-bag that may be recycled into plastic bags, various containers, dispensing bottles, wash bottles, tubing and molded laboratory equipment.

The price of the flashlight is reduced while batteries, instructions and spare parts are still included. Much less material is used.

Many consumers have informed 4Sevens that they would prefer purchasing products that use minimal packaging and eliminates waste. Also, since 4Sevens flashlights are in the category of high-shrinkage where open product may be shown in a secure display case with remaining stock secured in cabinets or out of sight from customers, the minimal packaging makes even more sense and offers yet another competitive advantage over its competitors. We believe that many outdoor customers will follow 4Sevens' lead.

4Sevens flashlights in the original retail packaging, as currently supplied to major retail stores, will remain available.

About 4Sevens

4Sevens, an American company headquartered in Georgia, is a market-leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of flashlights. Key to 4Sevens' market advantage is their expertise in flashlight design using the very latest state-of-the-art LED technology from industry leaders like CREE and their marketing innovation by bringing the future of flashlight technology to consumers worldwide.

4Sevens' product families include their original Quark series, which features regular, tactical, turbo, and Red/Green/Blue/White emitter flashlights as well as their MiNi, Preon and Maelstrom series.

For more information about the company's lights, visit their web site at:

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