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Handheld Rechargeable HID Spotlight

New handheld rechargeable spotlight features a 3000 foot beam and 2.5 hour run time lithium ion battery

Larson Electronics Press Release - 9/26/2010

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RL-85-HID Rechargeable Handheld HID Spotlight

RL-85-HID Rechargeable Handheld HID Spotlight

DALLAS, Tx. - Larson Electronics' added the RL-85-HID rechargeable handheld HID spotlight to this week. Featuring a lightweight removable 2.5 hour run time lithium ion battery pack, 3200 lumen output HID bulb and a adjustable beam, the RL-85-HID is the most feature rich handheld HID Magnalight spotlight released to date.

The RL-85-HID handheld rechargeable spotlight features interchangeable lithium ion battery packs, booted on/off switch, durable construction and rock solid 35 watt bulb and ballast combination. The popular corded 12/24 HL-85-HID handheld HID spotlight version was released 2 years ago and has incorporated a vast amount of customer feedback in design, materials and form factor. The RL-85-HID builds on the success of that HID spotlight in the hunting and agricultural market by incorporating a rechargeable, replaceable battery pack. With this customer requested upgrade, the RL-85-HID spotlight is designed to have broader appeal to boaters and industrial operators looking for brighter light, long battery life and overall durability. The HL-85-HID handheld spotlight with 16 foot cord and cigarette plug and the RL-85-HID rechargeable HID spotlight are Buy American Compliant.

"In response to customer demand, we added an easy to change lithium ion battery to our most popular handheld 12/24 volt HID spotlight," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronic' "With extra batteries in hand, operators can have one battery charging while they use another. In the same way people change out batteries in a cordless tool and keep working, the RL-85-HID spotlight keeps delivering 3200 a bright white beam to 3000 feet. This rechargeable HID spotlight uses lightweight lithium ion battery packs to deliver 2.5 hours of run time per charge. There are no memory issues, so each battery can be charged as little or as much as the operator has time for. The spotlight is easy to hold, well balanced and features a non-slip grip. Just like our corded HL-85-HID spotlight, the operator can turn the lens/reflector head to adjust the beam from spot to flood. While we see application for the hunters, we see the RL-85-HID being a fit for boaters and industrial operators, who have asked for rechargeable versions of this popular high powered spotlight."

Larson Electronics Magnalight brand encompasses handheld spotlights, explosion proof lighting and a wider variety of permanent and portable LED lighting for industrial, military and outdoor applications. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at or contact 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).

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