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Reflex Flashlights Creates
Computer Programmable Flashlight - Without A Cable

Reflex-1, the world's first auto dimming flashlight, now also can be programmed from an LCD monitor or laptop screen

Reflex Flashlights Press Release - 9/26/2010

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Reflex1 Auto-Dimming Programmable LED Flashlight

Reflex1 Auto-Dimming Programmable LED Flashlight

REDLANDS, Ca. - Reflex Flashlights introduces a programmable flashlight - without a cable. Reflex-1, the world's first auto dimming flashlight, now also can be programmed from an LCD monitor or laptop screen. This technology solves the problem of having the modes you want while also saving your thumb from carpal tunnel from switching through modes you don't want.

Modern flashlights often have a lot of modes since different people want different things. The downside to so many modes is having to click through the modes that you don't want to get to the one that you do want. Reflex Flashlights solved this problem by having the flashlight be programmable. There is an easy to use computer interface that lets you simply check the modes that you want. You can also set a custom brightness mode if desired. Then click a button and place the flashlight in front of your LCD monitor or laptop screen and about ten seconds later your flashlight will only have the new modes that you selected. A video is available at that shows the technology in action. If you change your mind about what settings you want, just program the flashlight again. Since the flashlight is programmed using light, there isn't a plug that would break the water tight seal.

What inspired us to create this technology was enabling the same flashlight to best meet the needs of different people. For example, hikers may prefer an SOS strobe while police might prefer a fast flashing strobe. Some people want both and others want neither. The only way to please them all was to make it easy to enable or disable modes. You just select what you want and don't have to click through the rest. Since we can now easily turn modes on and off, we put in all the modes that people asked for. The Reflex-1 has nine modes: High, Medium, Low, Random Strobe, Fast Strobe, SOS, Custom Brightness, Med Auto, and Full Range Auto. The two auto modes use our unique auto dimming technology that reduces glare by up to 93%. Clicking through nine modes would normally be a chore but now you can select the modes you want and not be bothered by the rest.

The Reflex-1 can emit over 225 lumens out the front for over an hour. The flashlight is 6061-T6 aluminum machined in the USA. O-ring seals are used to ensure a watertight fit. Two 18650 rechargeable batteries and a charger are included, but it can also use CR123A x2 or RCR123A x2 batteries.

For additional information please contact Michael Babb at (909) 435-3349 or email

To see a video of the Reflex-1 in action, visit the company's web site at:

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