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General Mfg. Launches
IS300 Intrinsically Safe Cordless LED Work Light

Has the capability of operating in beam mode for use as inspection light or flood mode for use as an area task light

General Mfg., Inc. Press Release - 10/10/2010

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IS300 - Intrinsically Safe Light

IS300 - Intrinsically Safe Light

BLUFFTON, In. - General Mfg., Inc. announces the product launch of its new IS300™ Intrinsically Safe, Cordless LED work light. Rated for use in Class One, Division One, Groups C & D areas, the IS300 comes with three 3-watt LEDs and has the capability of operating in beam mode for use as inspection light or flood mode for use as an area task light.

The long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours and produce 5000K bright, white light. The new generation high output LEDs allow the user to replace incandescent, fluorescent and beam type explosion-proof lights with a single light.

The 4.8-volt NiMH rechargeable battery pack will operate the light for a full seven hours straight. Patented technology allows the user to replace the battery pack inside the hazardous area rather than having to leave the work area. A red LED in the light handle indicates low battery charge.

Cut-off circuitry inside the battery prevents damage from drawing the charge down too far. The IS300 comes with 120v smart charger that drops down to maintenance level when the battery is charged. Models are available with one or two battery packs.

The IS300™ is made in Bluffton, IN USA.

About General Manufacturing Inc.

Established in 1962 General Mfg., Inc. was the first company to offer portable fluorescent lighting to the automotive aftermarket. At the time, the company operated out of a small shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The light design of a cool operating fluorescent lamp and all electrical components inside the light fixture protected by a hard outer tube and soft end caps necessitated a brand name that indicated the newfound safety. The Saf-T-Lite® brand name quickly became recognized for its leadership in safety and durability.

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