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Fenix Wins
First Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award

The first Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award 2010---sponsored by Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2010

FenixLight Press Release - 10/17/2010

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Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award 2010

Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award 2010

SHENZHEN, China - On the occasion of the European Outdoor Exhibition, the Outdoor Industry Award has been one of the focuses of the exhibition for a long term. In recent five years, the European Outdoor Award comes to the Number One of worldwide watched Awards in the Outdoor Industry. The awarding on the first day of the Outdoor Fair is the highlight of the show.

As the market matures and the designing ability improves, Asian brands have been with more innovative ability to produce their own original design products today. Therefore, many brands have rushed into the market. According to this trend, Chinese outdoor industry needs its own designing awards, so there comes the Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award. The first Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award Competition is sponsored by Asia Outdoor Trade Fair and Jiangsu Industrial Design Association, supported by Messe Friedrichishafen. The committee is consisted by some famous designing experts from Jiangsu Industrial Design Association and some experts from outdoor industry at home or abroad. In the meanwhile, Knut Jaeger, the founder of Big Pack, with 35-year experience in the outdoor products' development, has taken part in the selection of the award as a judge

Evaluation standard:

Degree of innovation
Quality of the design ( including colors)
User friendly
Choice and innovation of materials
Environmental friendly
Trendsetting character
Brand image design

With a unique appearance, innovative design, powerful performance, perfect workmanship, and high-tech Chinese brand image, Fenix TK45 flashlight has won the First Asia Outdoor Industry Design Award.

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