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Wavien LED Recycling Technology
to be Used in New Flashlight

New design increases output intensity by more than 80% compared to standard technology

Wavien, Inc. Press Release - 11/14/2010

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Dual Parabolic Reflector Technology

Dual Parabolic Reflector Technology

VALENCIA, Ca. - Wavien, Inc. today announced that Frontgate will be selling a unique high-end flashlight using Wavien's LED Recycling technology (RLT™). This flashlight provides an ultra-narrow beam of 2 degrees. This new design increases output intensity by more than 80% compared to standard technology. Wavien's Recycling LED technology captures the light wasted in conventional LED lighting designs, recycles the light, and directs it back into the output beam.

"The ability to illuminate an object at a distance with increased brightness has been a goal for many lighting designers, especially for specialty flashlight systems where an ultra-narrow, targeted high-intensity beam is needed," stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the technology. "Wavien's RLT technology allows the designers and manufacturers to now look at a completely new line of products that can now benefit from our ultra-bright narrow beam platform," Dr. Li added.

Frontgate is the perfect outlet for selling such a unique flashlight. Frontgate is part of Cornerstone Brands, Inc. (CBI), a family of direct marketers that ranks among this country's top ten consumer direct firms. This partnership with CBI allows Frontgate to retain a unique marketing and brand identity while enjoying the advantages of improved operational capability and greater purchasing power. In addition to Frontgate, other Cornerstone member companies include some of the most respected and fastest-growing names in direct marketing.

About Wavien, Inc.

Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, high-performance light sources and engine prototypes for the projection and general lighting industries. Wavien currently offers its unique "Dual Paraboloid Reflector" ("DPR") technology using ultra-high-pressure arc lamps. Wavien also offers the LED illumination market improved brightness improvements with its RLT(TM) recycling and non-imaging optical technology. These technologies improve lamp life, brightness, and efficiency when teamed with applications in the projection display, fiber optics, entertainment, and general lighting markets.

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