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One product featured is the Cree Tri-LED flashlight which has numerous benefits

HID Country Press Release - 12/15/2010

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Cree Q5 Compact Tri-LED Flashlight

Cree Q5 Compact Tri-LED Flashlight

SARASOTA, Fl. - HID Country announces brand new cutting edge flashlight products. These flashlights offer users great versatility because they have such innovative features.

One product featured is the Cree Tri-LED flashlight which has numerous benefits. This flashlight is compact reaching only 6 inches and provides for easy storing and carrying. It is also a lightweight flashlight weighing in around 170 grams without the battery. The light installed in this flashlight is a Cree Q5 LED x 3 which produces a beam light of 840 LM. As a result, the light produced is a very clear crisp white light. A typical bulb life for the Cree Tri-LED flashlight is around 50,000 hours.

This flashlight is very versatile as it has 5 different mode uses. The high mode is used to light farther away objects or to light up large spaces to perform work. Medium mode conserves the battery life a bit better than high mode because it is used for more close-up objects. Low mode is reserved for times when a person does not want to draw attention. Two last modes are used to help in distress situations. The SOS mode and Strobe Mode both emit a strobe light effect or pulsing of the light. The difference is the SOS mode is a slower strobe whereas the Strobe Mode has faster pulses.

The battery life of the CREE Tri-LED flashlight depends on the mode used. However, the 18650 battery is a rechargeable battery which can be recharged within two hours using a charger from HID Country. Chargers are available at reasonable costs and are good investments.

This exclusive compact flashlight is useful for police, security, and hunters alike. The flashlight is easily attached to firearms. Police can use these to light the way searching for suspects in dark areas such as the woods. Hunters make great use out of the compact flashlight in finding their way to hunting locations. Once there, the flashlight can be attached to a rifle to help locate the hunted animals. The various modes of light are very helpful to police, security, and hunters alike because they can either shine the light brightly or maintain a low profile.

HID Country currently announces the availability of new exclusive flashlight products. These products use the newest technology to provide customers with the best most effective tools available. Flashlights have changed considerably in the last several decades and HID Country strives to stay abreast of the latest designs.

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