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TerraLUX has been selling to the Law Enforcement and Public Safety communities since it was founded in 2003

TerraLUX, Inc. Press Release - 1/10/2011

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TerraLUX LightStar220

TerraLUX LightStar220

LONGMONT, Co. - TerraLUX, Inc. is pleased to announce that The Gear Box (, an online supplier of top quality police equipment, is now carrying TerraLUX LED flashlights and flashlight upgrades.

The Gear Box makes customer satisfaction their top priority, and offers name brands that help police and public safety officers do their jobs better and safer. The Gear Box's product line includes batons, handcuffs, holsters, pepper spray, duty belts, off duty gear, tactical gear, and now TerraLUX LED lights. The Gear Box is based in La Habra, CA and may be reached at 888-308-4666.

TerraLUX has been selling to the Law Enforcement and Public Safety communities since it was founded in 2003. Initially producing LED upgrades that improve the performance of incandescent service lights, TerraLUX later began manufacturing their own LED flashlights which have been well received by the market.

"LEDs are more durable, extend battery life, and offer a brighter, whiter light - something that's very important to an officer on the beat", said Scott Cardwell, TerraLUX Director of Sales and Marketing. "We're pleased to be affiliated with The Gear Box, which will allow us to better reach and serve the Law Enforcement community".

About TerraLUX Inc.

TerraLUX Inc. is headquartered in Longmont, CO and invents, designs, patents, manufactures and distributes innovative high power LED OEM solutions for general lighting as well as industrial, commercial, medical and retail markets. TerraLUX also produces LED Embedded Light Modules to replace incandescent bulbs in commercial lighting as well as many popular flashlights and lighting tools. LED lighting is energy efficient and can provide significant relief from current energy consumption.

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