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4Sevens and Olight Announce
Strategic Partnership

David Chow Chairs the Board of Directors of Olight; Eleven New Cree XM-L Flashlights Debuts

Olight Technology Co. Limited Press Release - 2/1/2011

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Olight Technology Co. Limited

Olight Technology Co. Limited

ATLANTA, Ga. and LAS VEGAS, Nv. - 4Sevens, LLC and Olight Technology Co. Limited announced a strategic partnership forming a synergistic east-west bridge in the portable lighting industry. David Chow, the president of 4Sevens, will also chair the board of directors at Olight. "Having worked together for many years already, this partnership is a natural step toward strengthening both our companies," says David. "In the lighting industry, there are followers, and there is a leader. Our combined technology, manufacturing, and marketing resources will propel us to the forefront of the lighting industry."lights.

Both 4Sevens and Olight had a strong exhibition at the SHOT Show in January 2011 in Las Vegas. Their press conference on the first day of the event was attended by over 450 people including attendance from the live broadcast. Eleven new Cree XM-L based flashlights from both companies debuted at the press conference.

XM-L prototypes slated for a 2011 release ranged from dive-certified lights to high-output tactical lights, and specialized search lights that offer thousands of lumens in a compact format. These Cree XM-L flashlights represent nearly a year of research and co-development by both companies. More details will be released as each model is finalized and begins production.

4Sevens and Olight will continue to share new and exciting flashlight technology in 2011 and will continue to work closely with leading LED companies in the USA. 4Sevens and Olight will each have their own marketing channels and targets, keeping the brands and distribution channels separate.

About 4Sevens

4Sevens, an American company headquartered in Georgia, is a market-leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of flashlights. Key to 4Sevens' market advantage is their expertise in flashlight design using the very latest state-of-the-art LED technology from industry leaders like CREE, and their marketing innovation by bringing the future of flashlight technology to consumers worldwide.

4Sevens' product families include their original Quark series, which features regular, tactical, and turbo flashlights as well as their MiNi, Preon, and Maelstrom series.

For more information about 4Sevens flashlights, visit their website at

About Olight

Olight Technology is a high-tech company that specializes in LED lighting, featuring advanced technology, quality workmanship, and premium grade materials to ensure their products meet the highest standards.

Olight's company mission is to manufacture the most advanced LED flashlights while still offering great value and excellent service.

Olight's flashlights are suitable for the most demanding professionals in law enforcement, military, and industrial sectors, and for outdoors enthusiasts.

For more information about Olight flashlights, visit their website at

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