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Romisen LED Flashlight Sells Well
in December

With the white light, six LED and 1500 lumens, this flashlight is suitable for multipurpose use

DinoDirect China Limited Press Release - 2/7/2011

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Romisen RC-T6

Romisen RC-T6 6*(CREE Q3) 3 Mode 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight

HONG KONG, S.A.R. - According to the latest sales report of, Romisen RC-T6 6*(CREE Q3) 3 Mode 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight, has been crowned as a hot seller of last December.

With the white light, six LED and 1500 lumens, this flashlight is suitable for multipurpose use. It can be the must companion when you are going for hiking or for any outdoor sports. Yet, this can also brighten up your room in a dark winter night.

DinoDirect has a wide range of Flashlight collection aimed for different uses. Therefore, customers can easily search for the best LED flashlights for their purpose. Though a wide range of collection is available, this Romisen RC-T6 6*(CREE Q3) 3 Mode 1500 Lumens LED Flashlight still gained a great sales achievement.

"This Romisen RC-T6 Flashlight will meet all types of requirements and can be used for years. The sturdy body of this flashlight not only makes it shock proof but also makes it water proof", said the product director of DinoDirect.

Aluminum body of this LED flashlight makes it perfect for people who are fond of expeditions and adventure sports or looking for hiking flashlights. Super brightness of this flashlight makes it ideal for people who go for expeditions in forests. This flashlight with innovative technology is available in two smart colors, viz. silver gray and black. Select anyone that you find to be the best. The strap attached to this flashlight makes it a perfect one for outdoor activities. You can carry it anywhere you want. The lightweight and perfect size of this device makes it the perfect one for hikers and climbers.

Things which are of good quality are a bit expensive compared to the other ordinary products available in the market. These flashlights are also not an exception. However, do not compromise with the quality of the flashlights just for the sake of money. These flashlights can give you the best return on your money. If you think yourself to be an intelligent buyer, place an order for it.

Now, is offering 50 % off on these flashlights and many other electronic goods. DinoDirect is not only an idea place for individual buyers but also for the whole-sellers or retailers who place bulk orders. This store offers different discount deals for buyers.

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