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NovaTac Flashlight "Tested and Recommended"
By National Tactical Officers Association

The self-defense and life-saving features of the NovaTac 120T Tactical light earn commendation

NovaTac, Inc. Press Release - 2/28/2011

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NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight

NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight

CARLSBAD, Ca. - More and more Military and Law Enforcement professionals are making the NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight part of their everyday gear. It's compact, dependable and includes several life-saving self-defense features. The NovaTac120T Tactical offers 3 preset levels of light (0.3, 10, and 120 lumens), a "momentary max" mode plus a disorienting strobe designed to confuse an attacker and keep the user in control of the situation. One button controls all the features, making it easy to operate with just one hand or while holding a weapon.

Members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NOTA) field tested the NovaTac 120T Tactical LED Flashlight as part of their "Member Tested and Recommended" program. The NovaTac 120T Tactical scored 4.7 out of 5 - a nearperfect score. Here's what one tester had to say about it:

"After being kicked around, and dropped on just about every hard surface I could find, as well as being used on every shift I worked, it never failed to operate, and is still working on the first battery! I would recommend it to any officer for patrol or tactical usage." -- New York Police officer.

The U.S. Marine Corps and several other government agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service, began using NovaTac flashlights in August of 2007. Soon after that, some of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country added NovaTac flashlights to their list of essential equipment.

Made in the U.S.A. using type III hard anodized aerospace-grade aluminum and waterproof to a depth of 66' - NovaTac flashlights are virtually indestructible. The polycarbonate lens stands up to abuse better than a flashlight with a plastic lens. And at just 1" wide by 3.3" long, it is the ideal size to carry in a pocket. NovaTac flashlights run on a single, readily available CR123 lithium battery. The NovaTac120T Tactical sells for $149, and comes in black and gun metal. A complete list of stores and online dealers is available on

Created for the most demanding customers on the planet, NovaTac produces high-performance LED Flashlights designed for dependable operation in extreme conditions. NovaTac is committed to listening and responding to customer needs with cutting-edge technology and breakthrough products. The top choice for law enforcement, military, firefighters and first responders world-wide, NovaTac LED Flashlights are MADE FOR THE MISSION.

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