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USBCELL Launches
'R'echarge it Action Icon

Every year, trillions of hours are flittered away on-line, through social networks, twittering, gossiping, buying, searching

Moixa Energy Press Release - 4/1/2011

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USBCELL rechargeable battery

USBCELL rechargeable battery

LONDON, United Kingdom - USBCELL is today pleased to launch a new 'Recharge It' Action Icon, to raise awareness on the benefits of USB rechargeable batteries for wireless mice and keyboards.

Every year, trillions of hours are flittered away on-line, through social networks, twittering, gossiping, buying, searching. Such time, equivalent to the net productive capacity of ancient civilizations, has a significant environmental impact: Billions of batteries from wireless mice and keyboards are used up, wasting money and filling up landfill.

This has to stop. It's also now the law to recycle batteries. Europe has to collect and recycle 10% of all batteries this year, and 25% next year. All this can be avoided with the award winning USBCELL rechargeable battery. Simply pop open the lid and recharge it from a USB Port. Saving you money, hassle, or needing to run out to the shops for a new battery in that important tweet, game, chat.

This is not just for Earth Day, but for Every Day, so please help spread our 'Recharge It' icon to your friends, and use the code RECHARGEIT for a 20% discount online at through April 15th.

The Action button, makes a handy addition to your top favourites. Download or link to our new Recharge IT icon at

For more information on the benefits of recharging batteries and ridding the world of battery landfill check out this special message from the USBCELL Bunny Choir:

About Moixa Energy

Moixa Energy (, is a UK company based in London that pioneers better renewable energy for homes and sustainable portable power solutions. USBCELL batteries are on sale online at and well known stores and gadget sites. Each pack can be re-used hundreds of times by charging in USB ports on desktops, laptops, games consoles or in a regular charger, saving you money, hassle, and reducing C02/landfill waste.

USBCELL and USB rechargeable batteries are patented technology of Moixa Energy ltd ( and can be customized with logos for corporate marketing/events on a fast turn-around, subject to Moixa approval.

Contact Info: Sarah Valot (Press Liaison) -44-207-734-1511 Please contact for USBCELL sample for (e.g.) reader give-aways or competition prizes.

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