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Li-Ion Battery Holders Accept
18650 Rechargeable Batteries

The BH-18650-W has stainless steel pressure contacts with 24 awg wires and a 6 inch lead length

Memory Protection Devices Press Release - 6/2/2011

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18650 Battery Holder

Memory Protection Devices 18650 Battery Holder

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. - MPD introduces two new battery holders which accept 3.7 volt Lithium Ion 18650 rechargeable batteries with PCM. The holder also accepts two CR2/3A lithium batteries in series connection for 6 volts output. The model numbers for the holders are BH-18650-W and BH-18650-PC. These are designed for use in consumer, industrial and communication products where durability is of paramount importance.

By using 18650 batteries that have a built in Protection Circuit Module (PCM), designers can eliminate the drawbacks associated with using common cobalt LI-ION 18650 cells (LiCoO2). Protected cells offer 2400 to 3000 mAh and are available from several well known makers of 18650 batteries. Some customers choose Lithium Iron Phosphate 18650 batteries (LiFePO4), which are safer than standard cells. LiFePO4 batteries weigh less, withstand extreme abuse and can be recharged many times more than traditional LiCoO2 cells. Customers can also design with two CR2/3A (CR123A) batteries for applications that don't require rechargeable cells.

The BH-18650-W has stainless steel pressure contacts with 24 awg wires and a 6 inch lead length that's striped and tinned on the ends for easy termination. BH-18650-PC has a wide pc tail contact that make the holder suitable for applications that require a pulse or burst of energy to flow through them quickly. Offering low resistance and designed to keep a tight connection with the cell means you're assured of a long term trouble free connection.

The glass filled plastic body meets UL94V-0 standards, is lightweight and very strong for a long service life. The holder size is under 78 L x 21 W x 22 H mm. The holder features recessed mounting holes for hard mounting with screws, eyelets or it can be bonded down with adhesive or double sided tapes and thereby save time, labor and material costs.

List price for 1,000 pieces of BH-18650-PC is $1.61 each and volume discounts are available. Delivery is normally from distributor stock or after a short waiting period.

About Memory Protection Devices

Memory Protection Devices, Inc. (MPD) is a global manufacturer of battery holders and contacts. We believe our components should fit easily into your design, which is why our product line features the world's largest battery holder and contact selection. Please feel free to browse our website - we're sure you'll find the solution you need.

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