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Leatherman Sends Aid to Japan
and Southern United States

Parent of LED Lenser donates LED lights to the Red Cross of Georgia to distribute to people without power

Leatherman Tool Group Press Release - 6/2/2011

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LED Lenser X21 LED Flashlight

LED Lenser X21 LED Flashlight

PORTLAND, Or. - Following one of the most devastating earthquakes the world had ever seen as well as some of the worst storms the United States had experienced in a long time; Leatherman Tool Group rushed donations of LED flashlights and multi-tools to the stricken regions.

"We have a large network of about 90 distributors around the world that are like family to us. When we heard about the earthquake in Japan our immediate thoughts were of our partners there and if they were okay," says International Sales and Marketing Coordinator Rachele Avolio. "Ironically we found out a few days later that Tim Leatherman and his wife were actually visiting Japan at the time of the earthquake and were literally on the last plane allowed to leave after it struck."

Initially there was so much devastation, that shipments into the region were close to impossible. After about a month the company was able to work with their Japanese distributor to get supplies to them and they were then able to get them to the groups on the ground helping with the relief efforts. "It's hard when you want to get tools to people right away," says Avolio, "but we had to remember that this would be an ongoing process and help would be needed for many months/years to come."

Closer to home, the company was also able to respond to the needs of some of the victims of the recent system of devastating storms that hit the southern part of the country. Specifically a donation of LED lights was made to the Red Cross of Georgia to distribute to people without power. With electricity compromised throughout the region, powerful, yet pocket-portable lighting seemed like the best idea for donation. Leatherman has a long history of donation to disaster recovery and re-building efforts; sending both supplies and volunteers here in the United States and abroad. The company encourages consumers and channel partners to get involved where/whenever possible. "As soon as we put the call out to our Facebook community, they were ready to spread the word and help, both here in the US and internationally," says Social Media Intern, Michael Zahler. "It was the first time we had experienced using this platform to 'rally the troops' so to speak, and it worked really well and very fast."

About Leatherman

Founded in 1983, Portland, Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group is known for producing the world's most precisely engineered multi-tools. For more information about the Red Cross and how you can help please visit their web site at

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