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New Lightwalker Belt Makes it Safe
to Go Out at Night

Helpful for anyone walking at night, for runners and a great safety light

Accessories LA Press Release - 6/12/2011

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The belt comes in Blue, Red & Black. Snap on Accessories will be released soon. They include a whistle, key chain and a small pouch

LOS ANGELES, Ca. - Accessories LA ( announces the release of its new LIGHTWALKER Belt. Now it is safe to walk your dog at night with the LIGHTWALKER lighting the way.

The LIGHTWALKER Belt is a new fashionable and practical accessory that was designed for safety and convenience when walking in dark places. It features a bright, battery-operated 18 LED lamp, and comes in different colors and sizes for women and men.

The idea was born out of necessity. Sonia Alvarado is a dog lover and rescuer, who learned from Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), the importance of walking her four large dogs every day. She walks the dogs even if it means doing it at night, after work. She had her hands full holding the dogs and a walking stick. With no free hand for a flashlight, she twisted her foot on sidewalk obstructions because she couldn't see them. The problem sparked an idea for a solution. Sonia imagined a belt that would light the ground as she walked. This was on Thursday, November 11, 2010. That night she was up until 4am searching the internet, unable to find exactly was she was looking for. So she dusted the old sewing machine and bought the materials to create it herself. Two days later, her sister Sandra put on the first prototype and they tested it in the backyard. It worked so perfectly that the triumphant moment was followed by a victory dance and a toast. Less than a week later, the two sisters formed a partnership and started a small business (Accessories LA) to develop and market the belt.

The sisters set out to create a product that was: versatile, comfortable, easy to use, attractive, very bright, energy efficient, and affordable. By the end of January, 2011, they had developed their signature belt with an 18 LED lamp that is powered by just 3 AAA batteries for 20 hours. The belt comes in black, blue and red with adjustable sizes small/medium and Large/xl, and retails for $20 at their online store ( Another priority was to keep the packaging environmentally friendly. They didn't want to add plastic to the landfills so they chose a small bag that can be recycled as a gift bag. The simple packaging also helps to keep the price low.

The sisters are animal rescuers who currently have 6 dogs and 3 cats between them. Sonia and Sandra decided they would share the success of the LIGHTWALKER Belt with animal rescue organizations and pledged to donate 3% of net profits to rescues around the country.

Sonia Alvarado and Sandra Alvarado started this venture at a time when they are both going through financial crisis. Sandra had a great job with the U.S. Census, but when the count was complete, her position ended. A single mom of two college students, she found herself looking for work in the worse job market in decades. Sonia has a small business which has suffered in the last few years and sales are down 75%. They took a leap of faith charging thousands on their credit cards to finance the business because they know that people can benefit from their product.

"I believe that when 'the going gets tough, the tough get going' and that's when the entrepreneurial spirit really kicks in. If there aren't jobs out there, we have to create them ourselves..." says Sonia.

Though the LIGHTWALKER Belt was originally designed for the dog lover's safety and comfort, it can be used by all walkers, runners and hikers. It is a great emergency light to keep on the nightstand for power outages and earthquakes, or to light the path to the kitchen for a midnight snack. It's also helpful in the car in case of a breakdown. People use them as utility lights, to take out the trash and water the plants.

Accessories LA is a small business in Los Angeles, California, which creates and sells fashion, design, sports and lifestyle accessories. The LIGHTWALKER Belt is the company's first original product offering.

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