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Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination
Announces Shipments to New Distributors

New partners include Galls, LA Police Gear, Brownells/Police, Botach Tactical, Chief Supply/Lawman's, and International Supplies

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. Press Release - 8/28/2011

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APALS™ Super Thin LED light/battery unit

APALS™ Super Thin LED light/battery unit

PLYMOUTH, Ma. - Brite-Strike® Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: announced today that they have set-up and shipped several new key Law Enforcement distributors of BSTI Tactical Illumination Products.

"We have added several new distributor partners recently including Galls the public safety catalog powerhouse, LA Police Gear, Brownells/Police, Botach Tactical, Chief Supply/Lawman's, and International Supplies," said Bushee. "These are key new distributors for us and expand our reach. Our Amman Jordan based Middle East office has been doing a great job in securing new tenders for purchase and we recently shipped the first of several orders to the Jordanian Police valued at just under $100,000. Our revenues are on track to be 3-4 times higher for the first half of 2011 over last year, while maintaining margins. We have designed and developed six entirely new products, all with patents pending," in the US, China, Hong Kong, and Europe, Bushee added. "These new products will start to impact our sales and revenues in the second half of 2011," Bushee added.

"We have launched an OEM initiative with our APALS-AIR™: All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips-Active Reflective Technology and have had meetings with a number of the top running shoe, outdoor apparel, public safety apparel and helmet manufacturers to integrate this new technology in to their products. We will also be launching a retail program in the second half," stated Bushee. "We see this technology being used by anyone from joggers, cyclists, walkers, motorcyclists, kayakers, trail runners, in addition to police, fire and EMTs, anyone that needs to be seen in the dark," Bushee further stated. "The APALS™ are a super thin LED light/battery unit that comes in five visible colors and true IR (Infrared). They are waterproof, shockproof, have three operating modes; fast strobe, slow strobe, steady on, and off. The APALS™ and APALS-AIR™ will revolutionize the way we keep our military, public safety workers, and the public safe at night," stated Bushee. "This new product will insure a major new revenue stream for the company for the next five years," Bushee added.

Investors can see the new and innovative products at

About Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. was developed by two police officers to create world-class tactical LED flashlights with features that police officers and citizens can use as a non-lethal means of defense. These lights utilize intense, white light, in a high, low or strobe setting, which can distract, and disorient attackers, while causing no harmful side-effects. Brite-Strike is committed to using the latest technology, world-class components, and highest design and manufacturing standards, so that consumers can rely on Brite-Strike products when they are needed. The company's Tactical Blue-Dot Series meets or exceeds military specs of armed forces around the globe and are nearly indestructible.

For more information on the Brite-Strike product line, please visit: Law Enforcement and military personnel are eligible for discount pricing. Contact Customer Service at or (508) 746-8701 for further details.

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